Who will rescue Nepalese stranded in Lebanon?

The crisis in Lebanon has gone so worse that everybody, including the Lebanese, seems to be getting out of that country. Joining a number of other nations, India is set to begin evacuation of its nationals from Lebanon. However, the plight of the Nepalese, assumed to number around 4000, seems to be unknown. The government back home is still busying itself in petty issues, and so far hasn’t even issued a statement regarding the crisis, and how it is going to evacuate those Nepalese trapped in Lebanon, if indeed it is. Even Bangladesh has asked for help from the UN and other able nations in locating and evacuating its nationals in Lebanon. In contrast, Nepalese government seems oblivious to the whole thing. Its just shows the pathetic mentality of the ruling class in Nepal, who have no regard for the poor and vulnerable citizens, either at home or abroad.

There is a news piece on BBC News Online titled “Stranded and scared in the war zone”, which reports the plight of Nepalese stranded in Lebanon and the lack of support for them from the Nepalese consulate there, and the fear of one Nepalese worker, Gopal Ghimire, of dying in a foreign land.

"I'm angry with the consulate because they aren't providing us with an opportunity to leave," said the labourer, who has $30 (£16) in his pocket.
"If they don't get us out of here then we might die here in Lebanon."
Mr Ghimire is one of the forgotten foreigners of this crisis - stranded in Lebanon without a car, boat or plane ride out of the country.

Update I(21-07-2006): More Nepalis to be rescued from Lebanon: Ambassador Thakur (from eKantipur)

Update II (21-07-2006): Nepal requests India to help evacuate stranded Nepalis in Lebanon (from eKantipur)

Update III (23-07-2006): Diplomat sent to Lebanon (from eKantipur) - Better late than never I suppose!!

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