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I recently came across this nice plugin for WordPress that allows visitors to my blog send me text messages (SMS) on my mobile. The plugin now works for mobile networks in the United States, UK, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Austria and Australia. Now my friends in Nepal, and indeed in other parts of the world can send me a TXT directly from my blog, and that for FREE!! And it could also be an excellent means to interact with the visitors to my blog. This plugin is widget-enabled so adding it to the sidebar on my blog was very easy (of course you need widget-enabled WP-theme to take advantage of this feature, else, you'll have to call the plugin manually where you want it on your sidebar). The author mentions it could be especially useful for mobloggers (mobile-bloggers) to receive instant feedback on their posts directly to their mobile devices:

If you spend a lot of time moblogging it can be a little bit lonely out there - especially if you don't get back to see your comments very often. Maybe you're publishing a live event & want instant feedback as it happens. Maybe you just like to hear from complete strangers. Either way, this plugin may be the answer.

To TXT Me right now, find the TXT ME box on the left sidebar, type something and press Send SMS. Please don't forget to type your name or some identifier at the end of the message so that I know who you are :-).

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  1. zade

    This is so interesting! we had a cell phone talk with a reporter in college, and I wonder when Nepal will have its own crowd of Mobloggers( tis a nice way to put it). hope you don't mind my sneakin in 😉

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