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I was actually planning to post a proper entry but now I can only manage a quick update as I have to leave in 15 minutes to catch a train to London for tomorrow's Bhaitika. First a few words on changes to my blog. Regular readers might have noticed the disappearance of a couple of larger thumbnails from the left sidebar of this blog - one showing the latest entry in my photoblog, and another, a slideshow of thumbnails from my picasa web albums. I have decided to remove both of those as I noticed a significant delay in loading this blog when they were on. I am gutted, especially, for having to remove the thumbnail showing the last entry in my photoblog. Thats was such a nice feature, and I must thank Taly again for providing me with the php code to make that happen. Sadly, I won't be using that code again until I find a way to load the blog faster with the code on :-(.

Now coming back to my travel to London, I am going to my sister's to receive bhaitika tomorrow. This is my 8th Dashain and Tihar outside Nepal after leaving the country more than 7 years ago. Most of the years, these festivals have come and gone, sometimes without even realising until they were literally knocking on the door. Especially when I was living alone (meaning I being the only Nepali around or living on campus!), it didn't really matter much which festival came and went. Now that I am sharing a house with other Nepalis, and that my sister is living in London, there is no way I can ignore these festivals like I used to do when I was all by myself. I travelled to London to receive Tika in Dashain and now I am going again for Bhaitika. I am more excited this time than I was during Dashain as Tihar has always been my favourite festival.

I really must go now. Will update on how the Tihar went and other things that I was planning to write about when I get back from London on Wednesday.


4 thoughts on “quick update…

  1. Niranjan

    Just came back from Nepal after Dashain and I'm missing Tihar so much. 16 days holiday was not enough, time just flew... You're lucky to have your sister in London. Have a nice Bhaitika and Happy Tihar!

  2. Mr. Witt

    And when you come back, maybe you could please explain to those of us with boring/redneck backgrounds what these celebrations are?

    And, Mahesh, I would have been only too happy to have attempted to celebrate with you in Vancouver - another excuse for you to teach me to cook great Nepali dishes, I should think.

    (Ok, maybe my background isn't exactly boring, but with Scotch, Irish, German, Dutch, and half Polish, who knows what to celebrate, and when? Possibly I should go eat perogies and sausage, get overly drunk - that covers 2! - and smoke something illegal.)

    take care,


  3. Mr. Witt

    Hey, why didn't I get prompted to enter a code that time? Am I now a "trusted" contributor? Coooool.

  4. mahesh

    Hey Mr. Witt, you surely are a trusted contributer! In fact, I actually don't manually vet the comments anymore. I have installed a nifty little plugin called "Spam Karma" which catches any "spam comments" left on my blog. So far, Spam Karma has been 100% successful in catching spam comments, such as those promoting "viagra, penis enlargement or cheaper mortgages"; and it hasn't wrongly labelled genuine comments as spam either, which is good too.

    Anyway, I was planning to write a "descriptive entry" on Tihar and Bhaitika, as I see it just for you yesterday when I got home from London. ("as I see it" because it has religious significance, which isn't exactly why I celebrate it. I celebrate it more for its socio-cultural significance). Unfortunately, our internet at home was down when I got back and it's still down as I write this here from my office desk (so this is actually a good excuse to shirk from work/procrastinate!). I don't know exactly when I'll be able to type everything up, about Tihar in general, and my Tihar and Bhaitika in London in particular but will try to do a bit here from my office today (being a student, it is less of a worry getting the sack for blogging from office, unlike bloggers with "proper job"!!). Hopefully, I'll have a new entry by the end of the day today...hopefully...

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