hey, is that my MP !?!

Source: The Himalayan Times

Yes, the person dozing off during a recent session of the parliament is my MP. I'm very surprised disappointed to see Raghuji Pant of all people doze off during the parliament session. Why? Because he is the MP of my constituency - Lalitpur 3. Further, I'm also disappointed because he used to be a journalist, who are supposed to be very alert and attentive, especially when people like the PM are speaking (which I think was the case when this picture was taken as well!). Next time he comes around asking for vote, and if I happen to be at home, I sure will tell him to stop dozing off during the parliament session if he wants my vote!

4 thoughts on “hey, is that my MP !?!

  1. Mr. Witt

    HI! I almost posted this comment to your previous entry, thinking that i am ever so clever. But i chickened out because i didn't want to offend, and because i am maybe getting the feeling that my (sometimes random) comments may become, or be percieved as some form of strange, unrelated cybergraphitti.

    I think it odd that i communicate with you largely via comments, but strangely, i like it. Its like having a conversation in your office again - i don't have to have a preconcieved notion of a topic (as is habit when i write an email - have to have SOMETHING to say or why bother) - i just stop by, see what the conversation is, and join in. and then try to hijack it towards my own selfish ends. (ah, remembering fun, strange conversations with Hui, that Neil guy [who i really didn't warm to initially, but then decided i liked a lot. maybe he's a lot like me?], and Alan. i miss Alan.)

    At any rate, rambling aside, i like this form of communication. Not better per se than emailing, but it is easier to "have a chat" in this format without the need to produce. (you do all that for me, letting me - and others - have the comfort/benefit of 'just' responding.) I feel like we are keeping in touch in a manner that is far more successful than my attempts to write periodic emails to other friends/remmers/relatives.


    If you find my non-sequitur comments (tagging?) distracting, and would rather them move to email communication, i completely understand. This medium/publication is YOURS and i want to behave and not disappoint. You may have had a plan or vision for it that does not involve some odd pink guy (i oddly enjoy your description of yourself as brown - its very accurate and sounds... well, appealing, so i think in the same spirit i will try to stop claiming to be white - which i'm not - and label myself "pink" - which i am: really more of a sad, pasty pink, actually. an aside: i think one of the underpinnings of "us" pinkies not liking the well-pigmented peoples of the world has less to do with complex issues of race or culture, and more to do with the recognition that we are pasty and unsightly in comparison. how else to explain all the tanning? EXCEPT Niclole Kidman. She is perfect; alabaster - at least on screen. Noone diss Nicole. If i am allowed latitide to continue my ramble on race and aesthetics - while younger i associated with nearly all east-asians (koreans, chinese, honkongese, vietnamese, japanese, etc.), so preferred that type of woman. now i am older and more boring and stereotyped - and perhaps once bitten, once shy: that Taiwanese girl dumped me - and have eyes largely for "my own kind". BUT. Still and always, the MOST BEAUTIFUL women have consistent, beautiful dark skin. Tyra, that girl from Bollywood/Hollywood (ok, she's mixed race, i suppose), that gorgeous muslim girl that i TA'ed, etc.

    Wow. what a pointless ramble. but at least its under a "random rant" entry. so, apt?

    Let me know if i should stop 'tagging' your posts and stay more on topic.

    Take care, be well, namaste Poudyalji,

    Mr. Witt

    (interview thursday went POORLY. very.)

    begin excised comment from previous post below.
    Nope, I am sorry, but i CANNOT AGREE.

    (Except in regards to the first, fourth, and seventh paragraphs.)

    Mr. Witt

    (who had fun doing this and now wonders if this was a serious posting that i am now tainting with my idiot-humour.)

  2. mahesh

    Darren, I loved reading your comment/ramblings...and I always do...the one above, as you had intended (or may be not) also reminded me of our conversations in my office...i too miss those good old days, but don't really want to remember REM as I am still struggling to complete revising a paper based on my MRM project 🙁 (Duncan must be fuming with me as I had promised him to send the work early this week, but by the look of it, it seems I might only be able to manage it over this weekend!)

    Anyway, don't stop "graffitiing" here on random jottings..., I am of the belief that graffiti is also a form of art 🙂

    And, strangely I was actually thinking you might comment on my previous post, given that we had conversed about the language issue a few days ago...anyway, I just wanted to be a multilingual blogger, hence that post in Nepali and that blog post basically talks about my struggle to write in Nepali, my mother tongue! by the way, I liked your "excised" comment on my previous post...it probably wouldn't be any different even if you read Nepali and commented on that after reading it!

    PS. I hope the next interview goes well.

  3. Mr. Witt

    RE: gorgeous muslim girl.

    sadly, no, i don't think you know her. and, even more sadly, i cannot recall her name. I ta'ed an invertebrate biology course prior to entering REM. the class was truly a cornucopia of beauty (and i, truly, am an ageing lech), but that girl had beauty down to an art.


    and she wasn't doing too well in the class, so came in for extra help often. she flirted well.

    i miss campus life.


    Mr. Witt

    (wait! her last name was Khanji or Dhanji. I think Khanji. I also had a Hussein in the class, and i think he was the Dhanji. hey, does the "ji" part at the end of those names correspond to the "ji" part in "pouydalji"?)

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