Information overdose…

Every morning I wake up to BBC Radio 4's today programme and this morning was no different, the waking part. But the news item seemed to come thick and fast this morning compared to other mornings. One of the news anchors was in Washington DC covering the US midterm elections, and he was speaking so fast about the results so far, it was difficult to take in all the information he was providing. The gist of his reporting was that the Democrats have gained a majority in the House of Representatives and are head-to-head with the Republicans in the Senate election. Right after the US election news came the news of Nicaragua's presidential election, which former revolutionary leader Daniel Ortega won - a bad news for the US !?! I was more interested in whether they would report from Nepal on last night's "historic" agreement between SPA-govt and the Maoist. So far, they haven't reported it yet, but they might report later...still waiting.

Nepali blogs and the news sites are busy providing the details of the agreement nonetheless. eKantipur provides the full text of the agreement (in Nepali) here, whereas it gives its main news piece here. As usual there are diverse comments galore under UWB's reporting of the agreement here. And SB Shrestha's blog seems to be spreading the word on the same agreement. International coverage of this agreement between SPA-govt and the Maoist are also growing by the minute - Google News provides links to the latest coverage here.

And this is all I wanted to write on this now - no opinions, no commentary at this time, as I am in the middle of my other works, which I was supposed to complete last night but couldn't. Actually, I wanted to collect the news links on this issue (i.e., the SPA-Maoist agreement), and this seemed to be the best way to do it...for my own future reference (and for others' too)! So here are some more links to the Nepali news websites reporting on this issue.'s coverage:

Gorkhapatra's coverage

The Himalayan Times
PDF of the Front Page