NepaliVoices: Nepali Bloggers United!

I guess I'm a month late in finding out about NepaliVoices - Nepali are blogging. Are you reading? Its first entry says it came into being on 1 Oct 2006, and I only found out about it at the end of the month while I was checking webstats for my blog and saw quite a few redirects from NepaliVoices page. Ujjwal Acharya has without a doubt done a fantastic job in trying to compile info on Nepali bloggers around the world through this great endeavour. I knew he had compiled a list of quite a few Nepali bloggers already in his website, The Radiant Star, but it was a pleasant surprise to see an entirely new website dedicated to gathering information on the blogs by Nepalis the world over. Kudos to you Ujjwal!

The number of blogs listed there already shows a great diversity in Nepali blogosphere, and I have found so many great Nepali blogs that I never knew existed! I must say I will have to save time from my other activities to be able to follow all these great blogs...But having links in one place surely helps, plus what a great system we have on RSS that allows us to follow the updates on blogs with so much ease! Last but not least thanks to Ajaya Dhakal for contacting me through my blog, which he says he found via link on NepaliVoices. Great!

On a side note, my Adium (messenger on Mac OS) is showing some strange signs when it comes to signing me up on my gmail account (GTalk that is). It was fine until a few days ago, but now it logs me in and out every few minutes. Is anybody else having the similar problem with their GTalk? Its been quite annoying since the last couple of days, especially when I have been cut-off in the middle of a conversation.