Life ~ a box of chocolate???

Life is like a box of never know what you gonna get.
- Forrest Gump's Mother

I just realised there are more "draft-posts" on my computer than those I have managed to complete and post on my blog. Like most other entries, this entry is also starting "titleless" and I have no idea what I'm going to call this post I just decided the title (good thing about writing on computer!). Nonetheless, I'm typing away, despite the tiredness but surprisingly without the sleepiness that it usually comes with. I also managed to burn my hand while cooking a couple of days nearly a week ago, possibly for the first time since I left Nepal all those years ago! Not a huge burn, but since it's on the wrist that usually rests on the edge of the laptop while typing, I am having a slight difficulty with typing these days. A good excuse for not updating the blog? May be...

And I don't know whether I should post this blog "today", i.e., give today's date, or give the date on which I started. I must have started this entry at least a week ago, so its strange coming back again just to add a few lines here and there. But I have so many things in mind, so many issues to respond to that I don't think one entry will be enough. So, this will probably be one of those "mindless musings" and nothing else.

Yea, I must mention why I started this post with added a quote from "Forrest Gump's Mother" at the top. Well, I was planning on finishing up some academic papers yesterday (Sunday, 3 December...I feel like the exact dates are necessary now, for I have been writing bits and pieces here for so many days that just writing today and yesterday could be confusing!), like I usually do for the weekends. But I just couldn't get my mind to those. I was feeling tired and lethargic all day, and didn't even want to go out for a walk. So, I decided instead to watch Forrest Gump, a movie that I never get tired of watching. One of the few movies that I can watch again and again. And it must be at least the 6 or 7 times that I have watched this movie already. And that quote is just too good to ignore - plus I love chocolate, although I always wish I don't get any nutty flavours from the box of chocolate when I pick one. Not too keen on nuts when it comes to chocolates!!

Anyway, talking about not being able to work on academic papers, I was thinking the other day about how life gets less and less fun as you move up the academic ladder as a student. Being an undergraduate student was definitely a lot more fun than being a post-graduate student as I am now. In fact, I think the fun-factor/happiness of being a student decreases as you progress through your educational ladder. I think I had the most fun in my secondary school (primary school was fun too but not as much as secondary school!), followed by higher secondary, followed by undergraduate, followed by masters, and now the fun-factor is quite low compared to what I had over the years of my school years. I thought I might be able to explain with clarity what I mean by drawing a figure (putting my economist's hat on here!), which I did after struggling a while with this new drawing software that I recently installed on my computer. And here it is:


If you are environmental economics type, then you'll probably say that looks very much like EKC (environmental Kuznet's curve!). Replace School Years with per capita Income and Fun-Factor with Environmental Pollution, and voila, my Happy School Days figure turns into an EKC! That's what I thought too when I finished drawing! How sad !?! To be thinking of EKC, when all I want to do is forget about being a student and write about something else.

An inescapable fact of life (for me) - I have been a student (literally) all my life so far, so its hard to get away from things you learn at school even when you try to... like this EKC!

Anyway, thats all I'm gonna write now. I have to get back to one of my academic papers now and get it done tonight at any cost. In fact, I have to get most things done this week, as I am leaving for India early next week, after which I don't think I'll be doing much work for the rest of December and early January!

Listening to Franz Ferdinand's book, Sound Bites: Eating on Tour with Franz Ferdinand, on BBC Radio 4's Book of the Week. Franz Ferdinand - one of my favourite contemporary bands. You should listen to them if you haven't already.

4 thoughts on “Life ~ a box of chocolate???

  1. Mr. Witt

    Hey Mahesh! Good to have you back.

    If it makes sense, I have missed your presence online (and you were dangerously close to being demoted into the "check when i have some spare, spare time" category from your current "daily" status. so just under the wire there).

    never seen forrest gump, oddly. i missed a lot of movies from that time period. it was a time when i viewed movies as anti-social. could not see why a bunch of friends wanted to get together and sit quietly and not talk and then go home. my boring group of friends never really wanted to hang out after movies. much better in my opinion to go hang out at the bowling alley/pool joint or someones place to talk. unless you were on a date and wanted a place to surreptitiously (sp?) hold hands and snog....

    your economics type curves work fine for ecologists, too. particularly the behavioural ecologists who talk a lot about, essentially, the economics of animals (and, grudgingly, i have to admit, plants. they behave too, i guess). absolutely. i think that curve applies to most ANYTHING in life. having babies (initially very stressful/strange, moving onto thrilling fun, then some sort of diminishing returns... actually, i think parenthood is a sine wave. probably actually a tangent, because you DO start on a high, then crash quickly. or we did. marriage? maybe that too, but tisha may enter the room at any moment, so you figure that one out. probably a tan, too, what with the hot'n heavy early on, then the taking for granted and doldrums. imagine eating your favourite food EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.)

    i like these mindless, wandering posts of yours. makes me feel consistent when i mention things like our big snowfall recently (at about my knees, which has happened now about 3 or 4 times in my 34 years in vancouver), the sore shoulders i have, my son's and wife's inability to tolerate the windchill (minus 18 to 20), my disappointment at not having a walking partner, as i love walking on snowy and snowing nights. i got one hour long, late, snowy beautiful walk before it turned to slush. fantastic.

    well, must go have dinner now, tish will be waiting. take care Poudyalji. All our best to you.

    darren, tisha, ben, and

  2. Mr. Witt

    hmm. that was odd, i had ended with "parasite" in between "greater than" and "less than" symbols, but that is apparently some kind of code, so got cut off....

    ah, well.

  3. mahesh

    i can surely tell i made it just under the wire seeing your comment(s) much earlier than i was expecting! and by the way, i don't think i'm a movie buff either - i probably was/am too selective about movies...but having said that, when there is a movie on one of the tv channels, and i have nothing better to do (or i think i don't) then i watch just about any movies!!

    i am wondering whether i should be happy hearing that the curve applies to most things in life!?! i haven't experienced marriage, parenthood etc., so i have to take your words here...but now i think this diminishing-returns-curve might stay in my subconscious to remind (or warn!) me if/when i get into those relationships, now that you told me how its like :-)! much i wish i was still in vancouver hearing about that "big snow"! i love snow and would have loved to walk on that big snow before it snow here in york, only wind and the way, i saw news (watch cbc's national once in a while to keep canadian connection alive...or so i think:-)!) about that big storm in vancouver and the landslides in west you tell me there is a big snow...what is world coming to? everybody must be blaming global warming (or usa!) there, or not?

    finally, good to see your comment(s) too...and yea, when you put stuffs within "< " and ">", they will be taken as some html tag so probably won't appear...but you could do some cool things with those, such as making words appear bold like this or italicised...OR even change the colour!

  4. Zade

    Life is like a box of chocolate - you never know what you gonna get.
    - Forrest Gump's Mother

    Presumed the post to be a on chocolates 🙂 or thought you were a chocolate lover! but such a nice way to put it. "Forrest Gump" ..still wishing to see it someday. N it feels good to be commenting after completing some academic papers here.. and Undergrad days can there be anything better! so much of hawa guff, so much fun, the sleepless nights over last moment presentation preparations..Its plain full of adventures! but seeing your EKC curve ..I don't want to grow any older. Earlier Undergrads would seem sooo old, now almost time for masters and man how fast time flies and we near Death! maybe hahaha 😉

    Nevertheless ur conversation with Mr Witt..can I say it was an eyeopener? First you talk of happiness level then he's moving on to relationship. So my learning for the day is Be Single Status Rocks! but who knows maybe we are acting like the wolf which never got to the grapes and decided it was sour?
    Eitherways life rocks..and Happiness after all is but a state of mind...we are all the making of our minds, hoina ta? 🙂

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