must-read phonecall transcript!

I was googling something and by chance stumbled upon nepaliblogger's website, and found this brilliant piece of satire. Its a conversation between a Nepali mother and her son in the US on Nepali politics and what not. Its one of the best pieces of satire I have read in a long long time and I bet you'll all enjoy reading it. So, just head over to here now. If you need a taster to make up your mind then here's a piece. Enjoy!

JC: Buwa is such a happy-go-lucky guy; you have to give him that. I've never seen him stressed out about anything. You worry about everything.

Muwa: Because I think.

JC: Buwa also thinks. Maybe not important stuff. I'm darn sure he is worried about Girija's health.

Muwa: You know your buwa still suffers from constipation once in a while. Every time he's constipated badly, he looks at me as if I'm going to help him with that too. I don't know how, but I can see in his eyes, begging for help. I think he wants me to push for him, I suppose.

JC: (laughter). You and your buwa jokes. Banita laughed so hard, diet coke came out of her nose. I'm pretty sure he is not at home right now?

Muwa: He went for a morning walk. Hasn't been back yet. Must be somewhere sipping tea and talking politics.

JC: He's a netaa. That's what they do.

Muwa: I don't get it. Someone like your buwa is a netaa in this country. He doesn't understand how a family runs. I'll guarantee you he doesn't know where his shaving cream is. How can someone like him help the government run this country? Don't you need to have some kind of experience of running something? At least some experience of running your own life?

JC: Guess not. Does he still snore?

Muwa: You bet. When your mind is that empty, everything must clog up on your nasal passage.