"search keyphrase" poetry…

Well, quite a revelation it is whenever I check out my visitor stats etc. Obviously the first thing I check is the number of unique visitors - probably because it is always displayed at the top of the stats page. But then I had to scroll quite a way down the page to check what I really enjoy viewing, and that is - what keyphrase people search on google (I mention google because majority of the search engine redirection to my site comes from google) to arrive to random jottings... ? The experience is quite something and I often see things there (i.e., how people found my blog?) that I never even dreamt of !! How can somebody search "sheep or sheeps" on the google and arrive to my blog, for example? But I tell you that has happened !?!

Anyway, this revelation - to turn those search keyphrases to some sort of "poetry" - a composite of some sorts - came to me late last night when I was checking those list of keyphrases searched (most probably) on google to arrive to my blog. The idea probably came from something called "spam poetry" that I had heard about quite a few years ago, where somebody had created poetry from the subject of the spam mails that person received daily!! I must warn you its not proper poetry, and could well be very boring - but I hope some of the lines make you laugh, as they did to me when I was putting my effort in (re)arranging them this morning!

Before I present "my work", a few explanation on the keyphrases used.

  • I have used the original keyphrases searched, i.e., I haven't edited them in any way other than (re)arrange them
  • Where I have added my own words, they are in block parenthesis, i.e., inside [ ]. And of course any emphasis on the keyphrases are my own!
  • I have tried to keep a single keyphrase to one line for the most part and separate keyphrases either with line break or with a comma. Where I had to use two or more lines for a single keyphrase, I have broken them with a hyphen (-) at the end of the line. I hope its clear 🙂

Enjoy !! (I hope you do... its my morning's work!!)

funny photos from peru,
nepal advertisement machu picchu

fables about following your dream
hsmp nepal

nepalese ambassador, benefits of [x2] -
having a monarchy, monarchy in nepal

catmandu nepal views

what can i buy with 50 rupees?
cheapest electronics in nepal

jagjit bhagwati, [a mistaken identity]
darren drake nepal, [likewise]
tarun tejpal the alchemy of desire [?]
cheapest electronics in nepal

which author said it was wonderful -
to find america but -
it would have been more wonderful -
to miss it. ?
brenda chalfin new york,
[is the wrong answer]

snaps of delhi city
tihar prison flickr
flickr greeting random
the last mughal

delhi darshan, cheap daily city tour -
by bus, daily delhi darshan
delhi darshan in one day,
getting a taxi in delhi

Chocolates & Lives
rosha chocolate, quotes life is like -
a box of chocolate
forest [sic] gump quote life is like -
a box of chocolate

lydia gomersall, life is -
a box of chocolate
blog rosha, life is but -
a box of chocolate

life is like a box of chocolate -
you never know what you gonna get -
it meaning,
life box chocolate gonna get, blogdai !!

Mindless Musings
shea butter republics,
drama of commons

sheep or sheeps, eyes to see
sheep sheeps grammar
to whom it may concern -
are the words capitalized