The Facelift…

After spending nearly a whole day tweaking the CSS, the Header, and the Footer on the original K2 style, I have come up with this new-look random jottings.... Its quite a significant facelift compared to what I had before. From a three column theme, I have opted back to two column style. I hope you find it visually pleasing than my old theme, and also easy to navigate around. Would love to hear your comments as to where I can improve on this theme and how to make it even better to the eyes!

As for the theme, I have decided to stick with K2 theme for now - for a number of reasons. First, you can create as many visual styles as you want and stick those in style folder under the K2 theme folder. You can then choose the one you want by just going to the K2 Option page in the admin area. K2 supports widgets very nicely, so its easy to arrange/rearrange stuffs on the sidebar. It has some cool AJAX features, some of which I haven't even tried to use yet, such as the live archives. So, there is room to do more with this theme.

And, now I have my own visual style for cool is that?...and I have called it Plain RJ 0.1.

3 thoughts on “The Facelift…

  1. Niranjan

    I like your new theme, and congratulations on your very first visual style "Plain RJ o.1". I think you can increase your blog readers(traffic) by making it available for download.

  2. mahesh

    Thanks Niranjan. I would definitely put up the visual style for download, but may be a bit later, say when it reaches v 0.5...mainly because, it is very similar to the base K2 style at the moment, with only minor changes. Once I feel I have created something "new(ish)", I'll put it up for download for sure.

    Have you started upgrading MySQL on the server where you host

    ... and thanks Rajesh...

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