Upgraded to WP 2.1…

Tried the new WordPress 2.1, "Ella" as a local install yesterday. Some of the added features, such as importing from WordPress, more options with links and categories, revamped editor that allows you to switch between visual and code mode through tabs, etc. are pretty cool. And these added features meant, I couldn't wait any longer to upgrade my live WP install.

Fortunately most of the plugins that I have installed are still working and the theme that I have modified has been working without any problem as well...so all in all, I'm pretty happy about the upgrade.

I am currently creating a new visual layout for the K2 theme on my local install WP and when thats done, I'll probably change my theme to K2...for now the old face of random jottings... stays!

6 thoughts on “Upgraded to WP 2.1…

  1. Niranjan

    I'm currently testing it in a backup server and everything seems to work for me too, but I won't be upgrading my blog soon because I'll need to take care of the MySQL first. My server uses MySQL 3.23 and WP 2.1 doesn't support it 🙁

  2. mahesh

    I guess lots of users will be in a similar situation - to have to (or in most cases to have to wait for their web hosts to) upgrade their MySQL installation. As for compatibility with the old plugins (& themes), I am amazed how may of them just work without any problem! Look forward to seeing your blog in WP2.1 soon ! 🙂

  3. mahesh

    Rajesh, sorry about your "vanished" comments...since you commented on so many posts at once, Spam Karma 2, the plugin that I have installed here to block comment spams, harvested all your comments as spams...I have recovered them and they should all appear now.

    Thanks for dropping by...

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