And Miss [ ] writes back…

from: Miss [ ]
date: Feb 10, 2007 3:39 PM
subject: - contact

hello MPji (as you seem to like being addressed as)!

i read your "words", if it was I that you were calling Miss [ ]. and should i THANK YOU for being so considerate as to not mention me by name? you wanted to keep it private, huh? is it what you English call protecting other's privacy, after bringing everything out in the open and hide the name as if a person is just a bloody name? is that what you learnt in your high English society after all these years? or did you forget my name too? if you have then let me remind you my name is ...... .......[name removed] and if you were so concerned about my privacy, you would have the decency to keep things between us private too, and not bring out in the wide world of internet. i cannot say i am writing this because i want to. but after seeing what you wrote, and that too in public for the whole world to see, about how YOUR "real" feelings are towards me, i couldn't stop myself responding. and here is what i feel.

i hate you Mahesh Poudyal. i have told you this before numerous times, but those were all in the moments of frustration at your unwillingness to understand my feelings and i didn't truly believed[sic] i would be saying these words to you and mean it. but this time i really mean it and i really hate you.

i should have known long ago that you would do this to me someday. i still believed in you. i told you everything but you always kept to yourself. i told you everything because i trusted you and now you have broken that trust. what kind of friend who claims to "treasure friendship" and then says i don't love you in public? you are a stone hearted person and i should have figured that out long ago. now that i know the "true" you i wish i never knew you in the first place.

for me the friendship we had is now over too. how can you expect me to be the same after all this? trust and friendship is not something you play out wide in open. you might say you didn't broke[sic] my trust by keeping [she probably means "leaving" here] my name out but to me it makes no difference. i know who i am and you do too. and i hope you don't write about me anymore.

i hope your "happy bachelor's life" stays that way

I don't know if she means "stays bachelor" or "stays happy", but If she means the latter then I thank her!!

4 thoughts on “And Miss [ ] writes back…

  1. Juggy

    Is this a fiction too..:O
    No I don't think so..:S
    Or is it real??..:S
    Ok I am insane now and U beat bourges...:)
    Good read indeed!!..

  2. zade

    You say its fiction, though I still feel sth alike should have happened in life too...kuch kuch bhayeni ni! lol je hos reading it after the revealation was an entirely different experience. So let me account my experience this time, everything was being played dramically in my mind.

    hello MPji (as you seem to like being addressed as)!

    I think there couldn't have been a better start. Why? well, to be adressing oneself with a Ji ( though haven't noticed your intro with the Ji here, or have I?will re check it in a while..)in the first place already sounds arrogant and that ( as you....) part seems to be make a perfect Sarcastic start!

    if you were so concerned about my privacy, you would have the decency to keep things between us private too, and not bring out in the wide world of internet

    यस बारे चाँही would like to talk of my own experience. i wonder why people get so pissed off when they are mentioned though not discussed in blogs. A certain someone stopped visiting my blog because I put up our conversation there. I mean who is ever going to know the person! No name, no nothing and still that Anger?? I seriously don't get it. WHat's the problem when your identity is so well concealed? Well, the privacy thing matters..but people seem to mind when that is not tampered with too, and still amazing is when some others would rather love to have their name in the writings...

    "i hate you Mahesh Poudyal.......i would be saying these words to you and mean it. but this time i really mean it and i really hate you."

    The drama I saw in this para was...ha ha ha was a Miss {} saying these lines giving playful punches to the "hero" 😉 character in the letter. Going all " I hate you" and there's a certain tone I assume she was talking in, tis being repeatedly played in my head!

    and for these parts..
    my name is …… …….[name removed],
    [she probably means “leaving” here]

    Well, they Make the story more Convicing than ever. Aja she probably means Re! kya batho. 🙂 ani ending ko ta ke kura? बाफरे बाफ Fictious Facts ko parakasta hai ho tyo ta! Ha ha ha

  3. mahesh

    Juggy, sorry to be saying this but I'm quietly enjoying you going insane 😉

    And in all honesty, it took me more time to compose this email being Miss [ ], than it took to compose the original post, the second part of which (about my notebook and all) is mostly true anyway 🙂

    And Zade, thanks for your "critique" shall I say?...and you have actually highlighted the areas where I had to put so much effort to make this post convincing, like a fact and not fiction!

    Ani, ahile samma ta I've been (un)lucky that "kuch kuch" like this hasn't happened. But if it does, it'll surely be here 🙂


  4. zade

    If only bloggers had control over what they how their writings were understood, hoina ta? When you said it was Faction( ur trendy term there 🙂 ) then the writeup turned into a mini movie for me!! N for the Kuch, kuch part! I pray we are all blessed with that read,next year Vals maybe..or sooner 🙂 ? ( but then the Real Miss {} might not want your feelings to Go Public once Again ) LOL So I doubt this statement of yours 😉 it’ll surely be here

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