Oh St Valentine! Would you PLEASE leave me alone?

"Wouldn't you like to check out some of our excellent range of Valentine's gifts?"

"No, I certainly wouldn't, thank you!"

I was there because the watch that I purchased just a couple of weeks ago (for myself) stopped working. All I wanted from them was that they fix it as per the warranty they gave - one year on battery, two on the watch itself. You probably guessed...I was at a jewellery store!

And if I was there to purchase a gift, I wouldn't probably take my broken watch to fix it on the same day. Plus, I ask when I need help, and I don't like people suggesting me stuffs that I didn't ask for!

Anyway, the watch got fixed and I was happy just to get away from that shop. If you're not into all these V-Day stuffs, then don't go around gift shops during this week, unless you work there (I feel pity even thinking about those poor shop assistants working overtime in the lead up to the V-Day!). Even if you do go shopping just pick the ones that are either over crowded or that have nothing to do with gifts. Hmm...like you know...butchers, or fishmongers or whoever that hasn't fallen victim to this tasteless red decoration in the middle of February of all months. You might want to avoid butchers too - they are usually decorated in (pure blood) red!

Now coming to the crux of the matter, I would like to write a few words (more like few lines or even few paras) to somebody who always pesters me about these "notable days/dates". I forget her b'day, she says "All you think about is YOURSELF". I forget the friendship day (hadn't even heard of it before I met her!), she says "You don't care about anybody but YOURSELF". I don't send her a Christmas present (she is a Hindu by the way), she says "How very mukhhichus you are". And I don't send her a Valentine's gift, she says "I thought you liked me, you cared for me. Now I know YOU - all you care for is YOURSELF, and YOUR STUDY, and YOUR CAREER. You are a very selfish person. You hurt me."

The truth is - yes, I forget dates (I still don't remember her b'day or the friendship day!). The truth is I am not much into these customs of receiving/giving gifts/presents, or surprises for that matter. Doesn't mean I don't - but I don't wait for those "notable" days/dates to present a gift. When I feel I should, I do...no "notable/special" dates/days required! And the BIG truth is I am really not into these games right now. Sorry to disappoint you Miss [ ], but I won't be sending any V-Day gifts this time either, and by now you have probably lowered your expectations so much that it's buried somewhere deep underneath. Please keep it that way if you can, because that's probably the way its gonna be for ever.

Reason is simple really, I did never (and I don't now) see you the way you think (or make me think) I do. You have been a good friend to me and I have always treasured that, but NO, I'm not in Love with You if you have been wanting to hear it clear! Sorry for being too blunt, but as they say truth is always bitter. I wrote you a long email one day to say these couple of lines, but just couldn't send it then. Or may be I did. For, since that day I haven't heard a word from you - no phone calls, no emails, no IMs, nothing. Either you got the mail or the truth has sunk in after all. In any case, I hope this puts to rest once and for all. But then I am not sure if you know of this corner of my web-world and doubt if you have ever graced random jottings... with your visits. Even if you don't, at least I have let it out in the open. I feel I have done my part, may be not in the right way, but not everything is/can be done the right way in this world. And, I am just another fallible human being - a shelfish mukhhichus nisthuri self-centred guy...thats me!

Hmm...हल्का भयो मन-मस्तिष्क 🙂

Anyway, I was actually thinking of sending something to somebody else but again, couldn't be bothered as I know things are just not going to work. If they were, they would have worked out long ago. But then may be there is magic waiting to happen on this one. I remain hopeful 🙂

Some years ago (when I was just about to get out of my teens), another Miss [ ] asked me if I was free during that year's Valentine's and whether I would be asking anyone out. I knew she was single and looking, but I didn't have the courage to ask her out. I only realised I did like her when I saw her with another guy later. But may be that was just jealousy and nothing else. But hindsight are wonderful (but completely useless) things. Then again, in hindsight, I probably made the right choice by not asking her out on that V-Day, for she got married pretty soon, and I am still a happy bachelor with no plans of tying the knot!

In altogether different note, its strange (but true) how you develop this closeness, a bond with your stuffs. Like the feeling I have that I can't live without my Notebook or my Camera. And its quite strange when I miss those things as I travel somewhere for a couple of days and I don't take them with me. And they are just "things". So, this year I decided to buy each of those "things" a V-Day gift - a bluetooth mouse for my iBook and a Lowepro camera backpack for my EOS 400D! Actually, the backpack arrived on Thursday but there was some damage and I had to send it back for replacement. I'm sure my camera will get a nice comfy home then.

Well, who am I kidding here? Those things that I am buying is really for MYSELF (Miss [ ], you were right, I do just think about MYSELF!) - in the name of somebody (or "something" more appropriately) else. But then when you buy someone a V-Day gift, think what you are doing? Are you really from your heart buying them the gifts? Is there NO selfishness involved? I bet in majority of the cases, there is some selfishness involved. If you are really doing it for your special one, then why the hell you have to wait for this one odd day in February - the V-Day to give a gift or to express your love and admiration? You could have given it some other day, right? You could have taken her/him to dinner some other time. Why all the fuss on this one day? Its just another day...wake up!! I mean what does it matter if its 14th or 15th or whatever!?! At the end if you really love somebody, then you should let that person know everyday. Treat them well everyday. Make them feel special everyday. And give them a gift everyday, be it just a kiss!

Well, that's a "happy bachelor's" philosophy 🙂

So, I'll wait for the backpack I purchased for "myself" to put "my camera" to arrive. In the meantime, I have decided not to purchase that bluetooth mouse for "myself" to use with "my iBook". I don't need a mouse as I am perfectly happy using scroll-pad, and the numerous keyboard shortcuts that I have mastered over the years. In fact, I just customise my own shortcuts whenever I feel the need for some new ones. Life is fun that way, stay in control and always keep your Notebook under control!

Well, happy V-Day everybody, and try to make everyday special for your loved one, and not just one day in the middle of February. And... Would you please leave me alone dear St Valentine? I really don't want to have another go at you now or the next year or ever again !!

7 thoughts on “Oh St Valentine! Would you PLEASE leave me alone?

  1. zade

    God! you are something!! I admire this trait of being able to Say a Big NO, because that is one thing I have never been able to do in my life. The sole reason why I am the Bakra of Drunkards, which when limited till my guy friends was ok, but when my Friend's boyfriend wanted to listen to him when drunk was like Oh My God, what am I?? And I can't even say a NO! and ofcourse it applies to a lot of other things in life too..however your blatant approach here is unbelivable.

    Still ali naram bhako bhaye hunthyo jasto lagera ayo...just put yourself in the other side ni..face garna ta garai hunthyo such rejection. but again your life your style 🙂

    ani had thought of linking and the other post in my vals guff but thought..ali personal cha ke garnu dubidha vayo..nevertheless Happy Valentine's Day to you! ( bigar ta manche le po gareko ta, Saint Valentine ko ke dosh 😉 )

  2. mahesh

    Haha...everybody can say a Big NO in their stories, can't they? I have been reading Borges thesedays. I had heard about him a lot and how good he was in writing fiction as if they were real. You know, apparently he even used to give full citation of works that looked real but never existed! And people who read his fiction would go crazy trying to find the book he cited (which obviously didn't exist, including its author!). And all that he created in his head - brilliant imagination he must have. So, I asked myself how could one blur fiction and fact so easily. I have always had hard time writing fiction/semi-fiction that used some of my own life experience. I always thought I would be telling lies if I made up stories (fiction) based on my experience/around my life. Reading (about/) Borges gave me courage to try and tell story blurring this divide. I am not a good storyteller, I don't think, but what's wrong in trying, right? May be I should have taken my name off and put some fictional name to make it "fictional" but latter part of the post is real and I thought I should keep my character in my name 🙂

    And hey, don't worry about Miss [ ], and how would she feel and all that, coz she doesn't exist! 🙂

    I have equally hard time saying NO, although I'm getting better as I'm growing older! 🙂 (is it going the wrong way?)

    And, probably you did the right thing not linking this from your post, its a bit anti-Valentine for your Valentine-themed post. No?

    PS. I still have to take my broken watch for fixing, and the weather is still horrible outside 🙁 So, it'll probably have to wait after V-Day 🙂

    Thanks for the comment!

  3. zade

    God! I can't believe it! LOL ma ta pura MPji Ko nisthuri side reveal bho jasto lageko! ha ha ha Even then some must be fact too here,somewhere at least! And the Email by Miss () too is sth you made up or what? Then I would say you are a master story teller!

    N for linking the post. I think its always good to have the other side of the story too. Am linking it hai aba. There are both Pro and Anti Valentine sentiments in everyone I guess 😉 And for saying NO..hmm I don't what it will take for me to ever say that! A friend lent me a book called the art of being selfish sometime ago, so that I would be more sensible..but padna ni mann lagdaina!! 🙂

    And I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT YOU HAVEN'T MENT YOUR WATCH, I bought the entire story here!! oh ho..feeling so lallu like 🙂 but for the weather it is Terrible here too, cloudy, looks as though its going to rain but doesn't..that dull weather.

    P.S I am Surely Glad Miss {} isn't Hurt by your blatant NOOOO here 😉

  4. mahesh

    hmm...smell of some minor success getting through my nose, for its growing as i read your comment 🙂

    and yea, i had to write that email as well, coz Miss [ ] is just in my head and not in real life unfortunately!

    and, thank you for linking from your post...

  5. Say na Something

    Ek sasma padhe, sas rokie jasto bha'thyo tar zadeko commentko reply padhe pachhi sas aayo.
    Zade, ma pani lallu bhairakheko suruma ta!
    Nways Happy Valentine Day in advance!

  6. Juggy

    ehehehe, One heck of fiction!! If it really is!!..:P
    U sure can write pal!!
    Keep writing!!..:)
    Weather really sucks here hai!! I remember once I did not went out of my room for 6 straight days, tespachhi khanekura sakyo badhyata le janu paryo..:D

  7. mahesh

    Wow wow wow, SNS and Juggy have graced my blog...what an honour? Thank you 🙂

    And I'm glad to have been able to create so much confusion, and as I mentioned that was my original intention! 🙂

    SNS, sorry "sas rokiyeko ma" 🙂 You have yourself written such a fantastic post - the latest one...I was just lost in your story!!

    And Juggy, the weather does suck, and I haven't stepped outside the whole weekend 🙁

    Must go to school tomorrow, and yet to complete a work that was due a week ago !!

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