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After I had upgraded my WordPress installation to WP 2.1 "Ella", I have had problems retrieving entry categories with my ecto. When trying to refresh the blog entries, the program would just hang up. After searching on the WordPress and ecto forums, I found the solution straight away. However, being a novice on php stuffs, I didn't want to take the risk editing xmlrpc.php file right away and waited a few more days till others tested the patch. I wasn't posting much anyway, so just managed from the WP Admin for the last few posts. Today I decided to implement the patch myself, and now my ecto works just fine with WP 2.1....and this is the proof!


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  1. KK

    ya, I also had some crash with wp 2.1, then I quit the idea of upgrading. I am waiting for some fixes to this new version.

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