all in a day…

Today seems to be one of those strange (and rare) days with regards the weather. Even the phrase "English weather" can't really explain weather like this. The day started with a glaring sunshine, with some winds (which were expected).

Flowers in sun

Then suddenly the clouds came over and started to rain.

Nothing new so far, for rain is what you mostly get in winter (although we are just entering into spring). Then I hear this huge noises of hailstones hitting the window glass!


What a day...But its not over yet! As I look out now, its snowing!!


But it doesn't last long either. Its back to sunshine and wind again!!


Oh yea, the last time I "lived" a day like this was also here in York on a day in March 2001 (I think! but it could have been in 2000)!!

7 thoughts on “all in a day…

  1. jackson

    i remember a couple of such days. late in march and it'll be a fine day in spring and before you know it, it'll be sleeting.

    lorraine, our cleaner at derwent, once told me how it snowed on her wedding day. it was on may 31st. haha...she was laughing about it.

  2. mahesh

    Thanks to my two newest visitors - Kathmandu Speaks and BB - for the comments. I must admit I am finding it ever so difficult to keep this blog updated, but am trying my best nonetheless. And new comments and new visitors do provide encouragement/incentives to write more! Cheers, m.

  3. Vahsek

    English weather!
    Global warming has disrupted the rhythm of weather/climate whatever we say across the globe....

    I liked the shots! you are a nice lensman... or is it your cam that is to be thanked? 😛

    all the bes

  4. bhupen

    Hidden among the dark clouds up in the sky, here is one that is truely bright. Awesome. Awesome. Is all i can find at the moment to describe your blog. Keep it up. I will be around here for long. Come days as you wish, but never let the word "nepal" fade in our hearts and minds and soul. A day in new work got to be better than a day else where as the city is packed with modest materials and their owners!!

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