back with a vengeance…

There is always something to write about, especially if you are a Nepali and are remotely interested in your country's politics. Even if you aren't "remotely" interested in your country's politics, I'm sure there are issues that you could pick up on. Gossiping (and moaning, and complaining, and leg pulling, and so on) seems to be our second nature, and I don't claim to be any different. BUT, of late, I have refrained from commenting on political issues back home - might as well because:

(i) even when I was commenting, I was doing so amidst the frustration of seeing the country I call home sliding downhill, crumbling like a house above the mudslide; and not as an "objective" political commentator who "knew his stuffs"

(ii) the early optimism (nearly a year now from the April uprising) and hope of country moving (or rather the old and mostly useless leaders trying to move the country) in the right direction (of participatory democracy, decentralisation and of economic development to name a few "right-direction" issues), have completely dried now, and I would rather keep to myself what little optimism that remains!

(iii) I am busy with my work (the usual excuse!), which determines my future more than anything else, and not even the political (and socio-economic) situation of the country that I was born in matters!

(iv) (and this is probably the REAL reason) I am sick and tired of trying to keep up with (and comprehend) what is happening in the country that I haven't lived in for nearly a decade, and probably won't live in for another few years to come!!!

Anyway, since I have managed to stay away from rambling on issues political for all this while, I might as well continue to do so. I think I'll keep my opinion to myself, close to my heart for now, and for the foreseeable future too. For, I do not want to be listed among the so called non-resident Nepalis (NRNs), who are always happy to make comments and prescriptive remarks on the situation back home but never wish to go back to Nepal and try to "live it themselves".

So, do I want to go back and "live it myself"? My honest answer is "I don't know". For I am tied for another good few years with my academic training, and after that, who knows!?! And as I have mentioned before, ideally, I like to see myself as a "global citizen", even though the term seems to exist only for the rich and the powerful - only to those who seem to be able to gain "global access". But "hope" and "optimism" are wonderful things...and luckily I seem to have both aplenty!!