Happy Holi…

Let me wish a very happy holi, first and foremost to my dear friend Madhusudhan who reminded me of holi, and of my birthday very early in the morning (my time) today! With all the other stuffs going on around (i.e., trip plans, vaccination and all), I had forgotten about the Faalgu Purnima and my birthday (according to tithee). Last year, I think I wrote on my birthday about not being able to accomplish much even after the existence of 27 years - a third of my life-span (very generous when I consider average Nepali life expectancy!). Well, not much has changed this year, except that I have now spent 28 years of my existence, and a little over a third of my life-span!

Looking at the half-full glass, however, I think I shouldn't be too displeased about my 28 years well-spent, especially given that I have somehow managed to get what I have desired. I have always been content with what I have and what I have received - probably the reason for complacency, lack of enthusiasm and desire, and mostly the lack of will to compete! "Taking life as it comes" have somehow become my undeclared motto, and more often than not I let things to happen, rather than trying to make things happen! Letting things happen has worked for me all these years, so why should I change? Its all about incentives when I think wearing an economist's hat, and if things are happening without much effort, why put more!?! But today I think I should spare these thoughts - I'll leave them to my other birthday (according to the Gregorian calendar), which is just over a week away.

As a kid, I always liked celebrating my birthday (with Punditji, pujas and all) on holi - I guess because it felt like everybody else was celebrating my birthday as well! And during childhood and adolescence, it was great fun playing with water and colours on holi. Not surprisingly, the interest declined as the age increased, both for celebrating holi and the birthday. And after being away from Nepal for a while and with the daily life revolving around a different calendar, more often than not I just didn't realise about my tithee-birthday, until it passed and I saw news about holi celebrations! Anyway, this year I'm not too late in realising, thanks to my friend. Family tradition is to invite Punditji to perform some good-luck pujas, which I hope have been done back home.

So, what am I doing today? "Taking life as it comes - living one day at a time"!!! 🙂

Happy Holi everyone !!

PS. Tonight there is a total lunar eclipse in this part of the world...sign of things to come for me on my 28th year!?! I wonder...

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  1. Niranjan

    I like your undeclared motto of "Taking life as it comes". As for myself, I take life as a journey and try to enjoy and get best out of the present moment because in reality there seems to be no destination...

    Happy Birthday and Happy Holi!

  2. Archana

    Happy Holi MP and Happy 'the first bithday of the year'. 🙂 two more to come right? anyways enjoy the day..

  3. mahesh

    Thanks Niranjan, hope you had a nice Holi!

    And thanks Arcs! I'm sure you enjoyed your day, despite that confusing movie you watched. Happy Holi to you too...aren't you celebrating it tomorrow (Sunday)?

  4. Mr. Witt

    Hey Poudyalji,

    i'm scanning posts rapidly today as life is hectic and hellacious (?), so apologies in advance.

    1 - happy belateds

    2 - when thinking of my accomplishments in life i like to redefine life as something beginning at adulthood - the time when i define myself as ROUGHLY old enough and mature enough to be ME, as oppoed to proto-me. so maybe you should start counting at 18ish? What have you accomplished in the past decade?

    3 - Be careful what you consider to be accomplishments. I long ago discarded the idea of doing GREAT GOOD in the world, instead trying to be satisfied with being small GOOD. Friends, family, etc. (of course, sometimes i don't much like to think of my accomplishments in those areas either....).

    4 - Life expectancies for any people are probably based on the assumption that they are not nomadic globe-trotters like you. Your life expectancy should blend lifestyles, health care, education, etc. of (at least) those countries where you spend significant amounts of time: Nepal, England, Canada, _______. And maybe factor in small amounts of time in dangerous/disease ridden areas? Now i'm getting dull and depressing, but those actuaries could probably calculate the decrease in life expectancy you would "gain" from a month in, for example, Afghanistan, or, i dunno, Cypress.

    now off.

    all the best!

    Mr. Witt

  5. mahesh

    Hey Wittji,

    I was wondering where you have been! Was thinking of sending an email, but then thought you might have been busy with the move, so didn't. Are you already in Smithers? Either you haven't told me or I forgot (sorry, if you did tell me!) when you are actually moving. Anyway, hope all goes/went well!

    Thanks for the "belateds" but you know today happens to be that "another" b'day of mine - the one according to the Nepali Calendar (its year 2063 by the way in our calendar!). Actually, a friend called me really early this morning to remind wish me, and thats how I realised today is the day!

    Well, as for expectations and expectancies I agree with you. I am no longer working-towards-saving-the-world-from-all-ills type either. I gave up on those long ago, now just trying to be "small-GOOD" (I like the expression!) like you!

    Take care, and hi to Tisha, Ben and Gus!

  6. Mr. Witt

    Tisha and Ben say "Hi", but, sadly, Gus has not been with us for about 18 months now. Shortly after we arrived in Mission (from Smithers Coop term) he jumped out of the car, cracked a tooth, went in for dental surgery, and never recovered. Turns out he had MASSIVE, systemic cancer in every organ system that they could test from blood and urine samples. The surgery sped up his decline (huge stress on an old duffer like him), but the alternative would have been a slowish decline over the next 6months to year as he succumbed to cancer. We are still rather smarting from the loss, particularly Ben, who lately has been (rather pathetically) reminiscing about his Friend Gus Who He Misses.

    Long ago, Ben invented a lie for himself that we have perpetuated (because it was easier than the truth which he would not have understood at the time): Gus went off to live with his Mommy and Daddy because Gus missed them. Now we miss Gus, but he is happy with his Mommy and Daddy. Sigh.

    Now we are thinking of the wisdom (or lack thereof) of getting a puppy in the next few months when we move to Smithers. New house, new job, new child, new life, new puppy. Why not?

    Hmm... this reply seems a bit out of synch with the rest of the "Happy Holi" wishes of the post. Sorry for that. I'm not trying to bring down the mood or anything, but, from a parental point of view, I wanted to get to the cute story of Ben inventing the lie to explain Gus' absence. Those of us genetically related to the little bastard really find it CUTE.

    Take care, all the best,

    darren and co.

  7. mahesh

    Very sorry to hear about Gus. Is it that you mentioned about him before and I forgot? Anyway, I thought you didn't take him to Smithers when you first moved, but had no idea about his illness and all. I'll miss him too if/when I visit you again!

    And, no worries about the reply being out of sync with the post...Its just the other half of the coin that we are talking about...And I too agree that Ben's story explaining Gus's absence is rather cute!

  8. zade

    Hope the party isn't already over! 😉 A very happy birthday to You hai! Wish you a rocking 28th year ! 🙂

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