heading south…

1 week and 5 days = time since my last post...at least 1 week will = time until my next post...for I'm going to Mali for a week tomorrow, and I don't expect to be even checking my email while I'm there let alone posting anything on the blog. Since its a work-related travel and not a holiday, I won't be going anywhere other than the capital city Bamako. Everybody thinks of Timbuktu when they think of Mali, and I am no different. However, due to the nature of my trip this time, I won't be able to go to Timbuktu unfortunately.

Anyway, although its been long since I posted anything here, I have in fact been writing, offline of course, for the last couple of weeks. Mainly because most of those writings have been incoherent thoughts, and I didn't want to spend too much time turning them into coherent (and concise) blog entries. And also because a lot of them are very personal, which I didn't feel ready to post publicly, although the boundaries have been moving a lot more inwards lately. I am actually thinking of giving some shape (perhaps in the form of a long story or a novelette) to those thoughts and post it here when I can devote some quality time on such an endeavour. However, judging by the amount of other things that have been lining up on my "to do list", it will be quite a while before I can work on my "non-academic" writings!

By the way, I heard on the radio the other day that the number of blogs that are "dying out" each day number to millions now, as only the "real" bloggers stick to their regular blogging, and all others who got into the blogging phenomena (bandwagon?) because "everybody else was doing it" are now starting to give up. Well, I don't know which group I belong to really - I started blogging in 2002 but don't really consider myself a "real" blogger for I am not as "dedicated" to blogging as "real" bloggers are. Moreover, I am been blogging on and off, sometimes taking a break of nearly a year. But I do think I don't count among those who are "dying out", so that has to be a relief at least!

Well, that's all for this instalment's mindless musings...I don't want to talk about depressing political guffs from home and abroad, about which I could go on and on for a while; but as you probably have noticed lately I have left political commentary to the "real political commentators"...Lets see how much longer I can abstain from so doing!!!

I leave with this gazal by Bashir Badr, sung by Jagjit Singh (Album: Vision) that is currently playing on my iTunes...enjoy...

सर झुकावोगे तो पत्थर देवता हो जाएगा
इतना मत चाहो उसे वो बेवफा हो जाएगा

हम भी दरिया हैँ हमें अपना हुनर मालूम हे
जिस तरफ भी चल पडेंगे रास्ता हो जाएगा

मैँ खुदा का नाम लेकर पी रहा हूँ दोस्तोँ
जहर भी इसमे अगर होगा दवा हो जाएगा

रुठ जाना तो मोहब्बत की अलामत हे मगर
क्या खबर थी मुझसे वो इतना खफा हो जाएगा

सर झुकावोगे तो...

5 thoughts on “heading south…

  1. Zade

    WOW! What joy to know of a GLOBE TROTTER :)! I don't know if m supposed to say all the best or ...i don't know. "Have a nice trip, intellectually stimulating" perhaps would be better. Nevertheless...all the best for taking life as it is! And it was good to know of the REAL BLOGGERS Vs the unreal ones!! I feel like a phony blogger too, these days! but then the problem i faced was unable to draw a line between personal and public writings..so thought better not write at all.or write too superficially!ha ha ha and politics ..I have stopped to even think of it leaving it all to the POLITICAL THINK TANKS aks Real Political Commentators perhaps..feels a lot better that way..and life's easier too!! nice gazal there.. have a wonderful trip!

  2. BB

    Hey I sure hope that your blog won't "die out." Your posts are enjoyable and different. I come to your blog (and go to a few others) to get away from the usual political baggage that most of the other Nepali blogs carry.

  3. mahesh

    I never imagined I would be typing these lines over a WiFi connection from my hotel in Mali, but here I am. Been a bit lazy to actually make a blog post while here, but least I could do is to respond to all of your nice comments and well wishes. Thank you all!

    Mali hasn't been as difficult place to be as I had imagined, especially with the amount of pre-trip preparation that was required. But I'm glad I took the vaccinations, especially the "Yellow Fever", for there was actually an employee at the airport checking everybody's Yellow Fever vaccination card (mine was yellow in colour!) before letting them into the country (officially)! Despite numerous warnings by my GP and friends, I haven't had "travellers' diarrhoea"...so far! May be we Nepali have good digestive system!

    It is really hot here though (min 25-26, max 41-42 degrees), although all the meeting venues, hotel room are AC-ed so you only notice the heat when you are outside.

    Zade & BB, I think I'm done with trying to make "Political Commentary" in this blog anymore. I'll be changing the description of my "About" section on the side to reflect that soon...Funny thing, I heard about the formation of new govt in Nepal here from a German colleague involved in the same project! He speaks some Nepali too! But I couldn't be bothered to check out the details, so thats that for Nepali political know-how!

    Well, hopefully I get down to write a blog entry before I leave Mali...that would be "cool"...considering how hot it is out here 🙂

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