Red Moon…

lunar eclipseI don't remember witnessing a total lunar eclipse all my life before last night - Saturday 3 March 2007! It was quite a sight, especially to see the usually silvery moon turn reddish. Although I didn't have a good long lens or a telescope to capture the spectacle, I set my tripod in my back garden, and used the longest lens I have (200mm) to take quite a few photos of the eclipse. I am posting this image from flickr, where you can check more of my lunar eclipse photographs!

5 thoughts on “Red Moon…

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  2. Kedar

    Well done Mahesh.

    I woke up at 4 am to see the eclipse. great sight.

    Kath, the stupid town was sleepy, few people saw the eclipse.

    I admire you. YOu have done it.


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