something for the weekend…

A revelation (for you all, not me 🙂 ) - I do most of my thinking in the bathroom, while taking shower to be precise. However, only a tiny percentage of the thoughts conceived in the shower make way to my notebooks (paper and electronic). So, a majority get aborted, mostly unintentionally! I am thinking of getting a waterproof digital voice recorder, to record my thoughts during shower. Should be very useful, and fun too. May be I can upload them as podcasts...just a thought for now!!

I am in the office now, and its just 08:30 - its not the record in coming to the office early, but surely is for this year so far. I would have liked to come even earlier (what I used to do when I was in Vancouver) BUT the cleaners here work such strange hours. They would be sitting in OUR common room, with their tea and gossips if I come to office before 08:30. I don't think they have left yet either, and the sun is already way up in the sky!!!

Actually I felt quite nice while walking to office this morning. Firstly its a fine morning - not too cold, neither too hot. Even more exciting was seeing a herd of cows coming down from their shed towards the pasture. The herd used to be busy grazing already as I walked to office on other days, so its a nice feeling being earlier to work than the cows!

As I mentioned yesterday, WiFi in my iBook isn't working, which means I cannot connect to the internet at home. We have (only) wireless connection at home (and not a single spare Ethernet port in the ADSL modem!!), so I haven't been able to connect to the internet at all from home lately. In some ways this has been a good thing, as I have started to read more from the books and papers, rather than spending the whole evening and half the night surfing the net, reading news on anything, and what not.

But this has also meant I haven't checked Nepali news sites like eKantipur and NepalNews for a while now. Reason is simple really - I don't feel comfortable checking those sites with banners of half-naked Nepali models when I am at the office. And I should be "working" in the office anyway! And strangely, I don't really feel the urge to check what's going on in Nepal through these sites. I have become completely indifferent to the whole Nepali situation lately, so whatever is happening back home, I just don't care!

One more thing before I start my "work" (its nearly 09:00!) - I have been taking the anti-malarial drug Lariam on a trial basis for the past couple of weeks (preparation for my trip to West Africa!). After hearing/reading loads of stuffs about its side effects, especially on the mental condition of the users, I was a bit anxious about what will happen to me. But the only thing that has happened since I started taking this drug is that I am always hungry. And I have surprised myself (not to mention those around me!) how much I can actually eat!!! I am now worried about putting on weight even before I head for Africa. I am seriously considering going for run daily now!

It's 09:00, so I'm off to work. Have a good weekend!!! I already know how my weekend is going to be like - I am working 🙁

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  1. Mr. Witt

    I, for one, would think that your site traffic would SKYROCKET with tub-casts, even if only audio. One of my favourite songs by quirky (and annoying, Tisha would say) folksinger Loudon Wainright III was sung in the shower (or faked). I think it was called "shower song". But this is turning into a bit of a non-sequitir (did i use that right?).

    Mr. Witt

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