Start of the week…with ME

Its Sunday, and I'm in the office, which is very unusual for me here in York. I normally leave weekends unproductive, in every sense of the word. I wanted to change that this weekend by doing some work - some toward my academic commitments, and some for my French language. Needless to say it hasn't worked out so far. Yesterday I came to office to "do some work", but ended up reading a bit, writing a bit and procrastinating A LOT. Today, I am here from early in the morning with my usual supply of fruits, and chocolates, and crisps, and water. I just don't feel like doing ANYTHING. And Sunday is actually the start of the week for me.

Yesterday I was type-chatting with my brother on MSN and he asked me how dynamic my life here must be! I had to think whether I should lie and tell him that the life here is great, or tell him the truth and say how miserable, monotonous and boring it actually is - most of the time anyway. Of course I couldn't lie and told him exactly how I feel about my life here (most of the time I must stress...occasionally, its quite good!). I said I would enjoy more if I were out in the field in Nepal, or in Africa or in any other country where there are "things happening", and where I don't have to live by the same routine every day, and where there are uncertainties, and where there are surprises, and so on...Those sorts of lives would be dynamic for me, and not the one that I am living most of the time at present! Of course, I am eagerly looking forward to my trips to Africa and for the project work to begin!!!

I read somewhere that a "good" blog post shouldn't be longer than 250 words..."what a load of rubbish", I thought. I have only written two paragraphs and the word count is already showing 300+ words! Either I am not good at expressing myself in short and sweet manner, which could very well be true, BUT I still think that the person who said a blog post shouldn't exceed 250 words is really talking trash. Anyway, I guess I better get out of my office before I go on bashing a lot of other stuffs that I have been reading lately.

I am going out to the city centre with my camera now. Hopefully I'll have something to show for by the end of the day...Its the end of the "weekend" for many, but it really is the end of the first day of the week for me...that's what Sunday really is...first day of the week, and not the last!

As for my work, it'll have to wait until tomorrow (which never comes!) Monday.