any distraction will do…

friday afternoon in office - the worst place to be at the worst time. even if i forget nepal completely for the rest of the days of the week, friday afternoons i remember the country of my birth fondly. how i could have already been home from work at this time of the day on fridays, and planning for the weekend, if only i was in nepal!?! of course there is a catch - work on sundays! but somehow that doesn't sound as bad as working full-day on a friday! i am struggling to keep myself awake, listening to bbc world service hasn't helped nor has the frequent visit to the loo. listening to the comedy from bbc's radio archives was helping a bit but i had to stop listening to them as i was finding it difficult to suppress my laughter, especially while listening to the Now Show, with Mitch Benn's hilarious parody songs...and what an existence, i cannot even laugh out loud...of course with liberty comes responsibilities - i can listen to whatever i like even when i'm in the office, working - but i have to listen to them via headphones, without disturbing others in the office...however comfortable, its nothing like listening to good external i cannot completely absorb the pleasure of listening as i cannot laugh out loud or sing along or show my natural reactions to what i am listening to....anyway, i guess i should be grateful, for i can at least listen to what i want even when i am (supposed to be) working...and i truly am.

i should also thank arcs, working on the other side of the world - working late i must add - for giving me "online" company...with occasional messaging (text and gtalk), and for keeping me awake. distractions are so much welcome at a time like this - in a warm friday afternoon, trying to wrap up the whole week's work, no matter how boring they might be, and most important of all when you are finding it difficult to stay awake...very difficult...

2 thoughts on “any distraction will do…

  1. archana

    baap re.. maile ta bhusukkai birsechhu friday half off hunthyo nepal ma bhanera.. thaha bhayeko bhaye ta ma jhan pagal hunthe hola .. hehe. when i had to be till 9 o'clock in the office..yeah it was good exchanging those free texts..:). thats for letting me was fun. now i will make use of it often. at least hope so.
    la weenend ramailo garnu. nepal ma sunday chutti hudainathyo ni ta..hehe. u've got one full day more to enjoy there..hehe

  2. Mediocre

    At least there is HOPE on Fridays with The weekend in striking distance and a few more hours of pain. Unlike those atrocious Mondays when you are scared just to get out of bed because you already know what you are getting into.

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