happy new year 2064 :: नव वर्ष २०६४ को शुभकामना !!

Last year this time, I was putting everything on hold to follow the political developments in Nepal. A year on and I couldn't be bothered even to check Nepali news headlines. How fast things change!?!

Anyway, a new year is before us and I sincerely hope I don't find myself talking complaining about the same old things again this year. One thing I am sure not to find, unlike last year, is the time to follow ins and outs of political development in Nepal. Might as well because my interest in things political has taken a great downward tumble since the last couple of months (or even more).

Well, staying true to the title of this post, and more importantly to my original intention, I would like to wish all my readers a very happy new year 2064. ((For non-Nepali readers - Nepali new year starts in mid-April (our first month is called Baisakh) and we are now about to begin year 2064 (57 years ahead of the Gregorian calendar!).)) May the new year bring peace, prosperity and love in your lives!!

Lately, I am suffering from a terrible "blogger's block" (if there is any such term and a condition!) and have been unable to post anything new here on random jottings... I have some stories to share from my recent trip to Mali, and a few old stories to recall, which I'll try to do in the coming days. My new year resolution...is to write at least something (meaningful) once a week, if not more often here 🙂 !! I know it'll be a hard resolution to keep up, but try I will.

5 thoughts on “happy new year 2064 :: नव वर्ष २०६४ को शुभकामना !!

  1. Juggy

    Happy new year MP!!
    Done with globe trotting eh?? 🙂
    Hope U ll have wonderful year ahead!!
    Phaloos phuloss jammai kura Kapaal baheek!! 😛

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