meteoric rise? i don't think so…

I was thinking about this in shower actually. Can somebody's shot to fame or fortune or something good be termed "meteoric rise"? I mean meteors "fall" and not "rise". Or do they? Someone's catastrophic downfall can certainly be called "meteoric fall" though. That's a more accurate depiction of the event.

Anyway, I have been putting off posting anything for a while now, and I have half finished (or half unfinished) posts on my trip to Mali, recent reunion of my BSc class etc. but it looks like it'll be long before I get around completing those (if ever!). I thought this mindless musing will keep the clock ticking as far as "regular blogging" goes 🙂

By the way, I am really excited about the new planet they just discovered, which is apparently very much "like Earth", news here. I am of the belief that there are life forms/aliens in other part of the would be really cool if they find something on this "super-Earth".

5 thoughts on “meteoric rise? i don't think so…

  1. jackson

    you're amazing my friend! i bet it's proven somewhere that bath time is quality time with your thoughts. archimedes "discovered" the concept of density while bathing didn't he?

  2. Juggy

    Thanks for ur tips at my wordpress blog bud!! 🙂
    I transferred all my craps to wordpress now!! 😛
    Have a nice day!! 🙂

  3. mahesh

    ymjp, i think any time in the "bathroom" is quality time with your thoughts!

    Juggy, I do not remember giving tips at your wordpress blog (sorry)...but am glad you managed to switch to one of the best (free) blogging platform out there...

  4. Mr. Witt

    Isn't all motion relative, in some Newtonian or Quantum or Heisenbergian sense? So a meteor can be conceptualized as remaining stationary while the earth falls towards it, thus dooming the meteor?

    (Sorry, i'm tired.)

    take care, Poudyalji, will write more soon.

    darren and cast.

  5. mahesh

    hey Mr Witt, great to see you back. Hope all is well with the newbie and everybody else. I can understand the tiredness, sleep deprivation maybe? with looking after the baby. So no need to apologize.

    Look forward to hearing more...more astrophysics lesson maybe!?! 🙂

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