feels like home…

Okay, by compulsion I'll have to be short (and hopefully sweet) now. Internet connection is not very great in Ghana, but I have been lucky that I found this internet cafe run by SimliAid (read my earlier post here about how I first heard about this cafe!), and luckier that they are allowing me to bring my own laptop and use their network to connect to the internet (its fairly cheap - 6000 cedis/hr - about 65 cents US). I have basically spent all morning today trying to go through all my email from the last week and get most important works done. I have about 10 minutes to complete this post before I head home for lunch!

Few "first impressions" of Ghana.

1. From the moment I entered the international airport, it felt as if I had arrived in Nepal (although I must say the international airport in Accra is far more well managed than we have in KTM!)

2. There was load shedding when I arrived in Ghana, so another good reason to feel like I was back home (although most seem to use diesel generators to fulfil their energy needs during load shedding - except for the public services, as the traffic lights were out!)

3. Its start of the rainy season here so I immediately got to see violent storms and heavy rain the next day, felt like monsoon in Nepal.

4. Due to the storms (first at the destination and then at the departing airport) my domestic flight was delayed by 5 hours!! Strangely nobody seemed to care about the delay here, for they were all happy to sit and wait without a single complaint! We were provided lunch by the airline while we waited...the portion was so huge, I could only eat half!

5. When we were called to board the flight finally, it was still raining...I saw a couple of dark-glassed Mercedes rolled right next to the plane just before we boarded (and a couple of well-suited gentlemen boarded the plane)...on hindsight, I couldn't help but think the plane was delayed not because of the weather but to wait for those gentlemen (sounds like Nepal?...of course it does!)...

6. Tamale, the northern region capital and the city I am based currently is just like any Terai-city in Nepal - in the middle of vast flat parklands. Its hot, humid but its green and nice everywhere. Very pleasant place to be in. Am enjoying it!

7. Everything happens very slow here, but people I've met so far have been very helpful, polite and honest. So, no worries so far!

Okay, its rainy season and we have water shortage here (in addition to the load shedding) - so I am down to a couple of showers a week! Rest of the days I just wash my face and if lucky, my hair (good thing, I went to the barber for no 1 cut just before I left UK...excellent decision on my part 🙂 )

Well, its getting longer than I had anticipated, so I stop here.


2 thoughts on “feels like home…

  1. Mr. Witt

    Hey Poudyalji!

    no time (as usual - that is a BORING statement these days) to talk as it is bedtime and had a busy and tiring father's day.

    still recuperating from a NASTY back injury involving the ongoing degradation of 3 discs in my spine (impinging on at least 3 nerves at a time!) and some osteoarthritis (runs in the family, sadly). much more mobile, but not great. still not allowed to lift Laurel up. If this was "just" a minor injury that started yesterday, i would say i was at about 40%, maybe 30% functioning. since i know how bad i was before (agony, sorry, AGONY as bad as i have EVER felt - nerve pain is bad, and i feel better talking to others who have suffered, because seemingly only they really know how bad it is. sorry. will stop playing the sad-violin songs...) and how incapacitated i was, i would rate myself more like 80-90% right now.

    truly, everything is relative.

    glad to hear things are going well for you. was chatting about you just the other day with Jennifer (Passmore - cute redhead from my lab, one year down from us) - you will get embarassed, but it was in the context of humble geniuses (of which we are all convinced you are one - don't argue!) who don't try to flaunt intelligence, unlike the rest of us who want to herald each idea we have as the NEXT. BIG. THING.

    ok. time to go. all the best, take care, talk later,

    dw and cadre.

  2. mahesh

    Hey Mr Witt,

    Sorry to hear about your injuries and pains. Hope you are close to full fitness now. All the best!

    Say hello to Jennifer for me...I do remember the peoples that I knew when I was in REM 🙂

    And thanks for the kind words...

    Haven't been writing anything for a few days now...hopefully will be able to put up a new entry soon...may be from Burkina Faso, where I am going next week!

    Take care, and don't lift anything that you are not supposed to...not even your baby!!! m.

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