Mail from Tamale #1

I forgot to mention in my previous post that despite all the scare(mongering) I have had no problem whatsoever with my health since arriving in Ghana. I must say I have been as careful as I can with food and water but not to the level of paranoia. I have started to boil my own drinking water than to rely on overly expensive mineral water (here, mineral water is more expensive than beer!). And NO, I haven't started drinking beer instead of water!!

I have also started to cook myself - rice and curry was on menu the night before, naturally 🙂 . I made potato curry with green pepper and tomatoes, but it seems I might not enjoy potato as much here. For I paid 10000 Cedis (approx $1.10 US) for 3 potatoes!!!! and I could instead have bought a huge piece of tarul (yam) for 5000 Cedis (I know yam is no potato but I love yam as much as I do potato, so they can be perfect substitutes for me!). In terms of shopping, Tamale market seems a bit on the expensive side, especially when it comes to non-perishables. I spent more than $30 US on ONE bag of shopping that included, among others, a bottle of olive oil (~ $18!) and I didn't have a lot of other items in the bag either!! Fruits and vegetables were a bit affordable (except potato of course) but in this heat its hard to find fresh fruits and veggies. Haven't tried the meat market yet...

Well, it must be getting a bit boring now, with all my shopping details and what I ate the night before! But instead of writing many email (or one email with many CCs, which I myself find very irritating), I thought this might be the best means of communication with my friends, family members and those who care to follow my blog.

Oh, how can I forget to write a line of two about the I/NGOs & "developed" nations' international aid/development agencies (i.e., DfID, JICA and so on) in Tamale. This must be the number one city in the world in terms of I/NGOs per capita or just in terms of the density of the I/NGOs per sq km. Everywhere I go I see not one or two but many direction signs or signboards for I/NGOs. I have even started to play with a research idea on my head on these organisations here! I have no idea how successful they have been in doing in what they are here to do, but judging by the number of I/NGOs here, this place should be the best in terms of health, literacy, natural resource management, infrastructure development and so on...will try to post some of the interesting names for the NGOs that I see here over the coming days!

Talking about "development", I also saw this brand new Chinese-built football stadium just outside the city yesterday, which apparently took only a year to construct!! Ghana is hosting the African Nations cup next year, and this will be one of the stadiums to host some of the games.

tamale stadium

Finally, I must mention that I managed to get BBC world service on short-wave on my radio...big deal you might say...but it is really a big deal for me now as it is the only reliable means that keeps me up-to-date with the outside world! it seems I'm heading backwards in terms of my use of technology (no internet, no tv but sw radio for news!) but I confess old(er) technologies are also some of the most reliable ones, even in this 21st century's globally-connected-via-the-internet world!!!

Finally finally, I have now managed to upload my first picture from Ghana onto my on the image below to see the larger version on poudyal blog.

sunset in tamale

2 thoughts on “Mail from Tamale #1

  1. archana

    aalo ra tarul matrai khai ra chha ki ke ho? :)sag sag khane gara. nepal jastai bhaye ta rayo ko saag painchha hola ni ;)hahaha.
    thanks a lot for ur suggestion.hopefully i will get my camera once again. feri harayo bhane timro jadauri chha ni.
    ani enjoy gara. now i understand i should keep checking ur blog to see what u r upto..:)good idea.common platform!!

  2. Bishnu

    Dear Mahesh dai,
    I am glad you are settling well in Ghana. The price of potato sounds very crazy. If oliver oil is very expensive, why don't you use Shea oil instead, after all you are there to study Shea!

    Shea Jindabad!
    Bishnu, York

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