Mailplane…well worth 25 bucks…

Just spent about $25 USD on this great application on Mac OS that lets you manage multiple gmail accounts as well as email on Google Apps. It has to be one of the easiest (and quickest) decision I have made when considering paying for license to use a software. For I received a "notification email" about the update and price just this morning and within minutes, paid for the license via paypal and now using a Licensed Mailplane 🙂

I try to use and support as much Open Source software as I can but once in a while I find software that are worth paying for, and Mailplane is definitely one of those.

2 thoughts on “Mailplane…well worth 25 bucks…

  1. Niranjan

    I've a similar philosophy about the open sources. I recently bought the vmware fusion which I thought was worth paying. I'm using mailplane for some time, and I think I'll buy this one too. It's a very useful application. I've also read (rumors) that Gmail desktop client from Google is imminent.

  2. mahesh

    I also heard the rumours about Gmail desktop client from Google but since I have been enjoying using Mailplane (for free) for all these months, I decided to pay for it anyway rather than wait for the Google rumour to materialise 🙂

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