new abode and sub-standard kit kats

Well, its an update-post for the sake of it. I am now back in York after seven months in West Africa - from +30 degrees to -3 degrees pretty much sums up my experience being back. "Reverse culture shock" is another phrase that comes to mind frequently. But its great to be back in York after all these months away. The immigration officer at Heathrow was asking me how I could call myself a full time student in the UK and spend more than half a year elsewhere! My response was that I was still a full time student while away 🙂

Anyway, as usual I found myself lucky in that I didn't have to struggle too much to find a temporary accommodation for the next 3-4 months here in York. I have a nice little room in what seems to be a recently refurbished student house - at walking distance from the uni, city centre, and a newly opened Morrisons (which wasn't there when I left York at the end of May!). In fact quite a few things seem to have changed in these seven months - well, thats the impression I got. Firstly, I tried to book a GNER train to York as soon as I arrived in London, only to find that GNER was no more and that the train that I would be travelling to and from London will now be the National Express East Coast. The familiar colours of the GNER trains were all replaced by dull grey of the new operator. At least they should have kept the nice colours if not the name!!! Can't complain about the free wireless on the train though, although my laptop wasn't working so couldn't make use of it 🙁

Well, other than that, lots of new developments everywhere in York, not just the Morrisons that I go to but also lots at UoY and elsewhere in the city.

Oh, here comes the sub-standard kit kat that I saw on the kitchen table in my "new" house!

sub-standard kit kat

And a close-up of the small prints!

sub-standard kit kat

These goods are sub-standard, sold for household consumption only and must not be re-sold.

Then why sell them in the first place if they can't be "sold" again!!

So thats the story of my new abode and the sub-standard kit kats!!