A decade has passed by

...since this picture was taken. It doesn't seem like a long time though for the memories are still vivid. 1st of January 1998 (a few days or may be weeks before this picture was taken by the way, if I remember correctly) - the whole class got punished because some of us decided to enjoy the new year's eve a bit too much...happy days!!!

Remember Bhaktapur's local raksi and chhoila anyone!?!

bsam class 12 1998
Anybody sees himself in the picture, comment please!! Especially the guy circled!!! Click for larger image.

6 thoughts on “A decade has passed by

  1. Jarga

    awesome! my notorious glasses hehe

    and yes! I remember getting sick from too much of local tharraa and bad bad baasi mo:mo. hehe.... good old times.

  2. Mr. Witt

    Maybe i'm more than a little too white (or not enough of a globe-trotter?), but i am not sure which one is Poudyalji? I think you are on the faaar right, with half your face in shadows?

    Good to "hear" from you. And i love the homepage image/links. Even if i haven't been posting random graffiti i still do check in regularly. Or as regularly as family life seems to allow. Currently i am about 45% done a 6 week parental leave from work (75% pay!), and... loving it? Love seeing family more than a couple hours a day (well, the kids, anyways, Tish doesn't go to bed at 7pm...), though the rigors of daily parenting is rather frightfully difficult. Work is a refuge that i miss.

    All is wellish at casa Witt - Ben is 4 and reading (which is shocking and frightening - little bastard is growing up too fast), Laurel is nearly a year and... well not sure what she's doing, except not sleeping well. So its both a good and bad time to be home and a more active parent, i guess. Its timely help for Tish, though, which is much of the point.

    Take care Mahesh, stop by next time you are in northern BC.

  3. Mahesh Poudyal

    Hi Darren (and hi to other Witts), its really nice to hear from you after a while. You guessed it right - I'm on the far left with half my face in shadows (and you would probably have found me looking for the shortest guy!).

    Glad you liked the homepage (I just wanted to have it simple but 'cool'), and that you do check my site 'regularly', probably more regularly than I have been updating them recently 🙂 You get 75% of salary for looking your own babies!?! I think I'll move to Canada when I decide to settle down and have kids 😉 Which country could be more friendlier to parents??

    By the way, I too check your (or Tisha's, as she seems to be the one updating mostly) blog regularly - its on my feedreader so I get notified whenever new entry is posted! And your pictures (esp, Ben and Laurel's 🙂 ) in flickr are really cool. Ben seems to have grown so much since I left/last saw him. From the pictures, he looks like a very well-behaved boy! And I was actually laughing reading Tisha's post about Ben's progress in reading 🙂
    Oh, and pictures of snow and spotlessly clean surroundings makes me wanna come back to Canada again.

    Not sure when I'll be next in Canada, but I've promised Toma (remember that half-French guy below our year?), I'll visit him in Montreal next year. I might make a trip to the west as well. Lets see. So, you planning to stay in Smithers for long?

  4. Mr. Witt

    Great to hear that you check our blog. Yes, its mostly Tish who posts. That's a bias of my own that she has tried to alter - she set it up, set the tone, and began the blog, so it "feels" like hers to me. I have vague intentions to either post more often, or start my own, related blog (but why bother?) - so i can talk about the wonderful comics i have read and how much i miss SFU (not much) and the Remmers (lots).

    But it all smacks of effort...

    Looks like Smithers is it for the forseeable future. Never say never, but we bought a house, i have a permanent job (bureaucratic paper-pusher, thank god for my Master's degree!), and all 4 of us (well, not Laurel - she doesn't care) love it. A northern, small town with a white-collar feel. I like.

    But as of yesterday when the Telus guy came by to fix our internet line, i think i want to be some sort of electrician - the wage to start rivals mine closely, with regular (semiannual) raises that bring the pay waaaay beyond my civil service wages. So a minor crisis of (career) faith.

    But this too, like full nights of sleep, will pass.

    Great to "hear" from you! Take care.


  5. AA

    i dont know whether i m supposed to write here or not..because i m in the pic..but good to see everything here..send me some more pics if you have..it will be better if i am also somehting in the pic 🙂

  6. mahesh

    Arcs, you mean you're NOT in the picture, right? I do have quite a few pictures, but I need to select some and scan, may be this weekend. But I don't think I have your picture on that grey sari 🙂

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