procrastinators? or just lazy civil servants…

I was going to the city centre earlier today and saw a couple of young guys checking some "interesting" websites in their work through the window that faced the back street. I think its some sort of social service department. No wonder we get to hear more about scandals here than about actual work of these departments these days. I didn't dare snap a photograph, but certainly got a smile on my face seeing those civil servants' antics!!!

This used to be my office by the way, and no, I wouldn't dare visit such websites while at work 🙂

4 thoughts on “procrastinators? or just lazy civil servants…

  1. Mr. Witt

    ... We didn't need those websites, in my opinion, we were 5 males in a class of 27. Many, many (many!) incredible women.

    I still miss Julie... (not my favorite crush, but the most memorable?)

    God, hope Tish doesn't read this post!


  2. Mahesh Poudyal

    hahaha...thats so true...those really were good times!! and you probably know julie seems to be enjoying my country a bit too much - been working there for the past year and a half (or more?)!!

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