busy, away, invisible… are you really?

Why are you always "online" and "away"? The question I usually had to answer (not much nowadays) if I replied to a ping on IM while on "away" status. We all probably do it. Show our IM status as not available (away, busy, or even invisible) when we want to pick and choose who we would like to chat with and who we would like to avoid/ignore.

"Busy" status is a strange thing (and I don't keep my status as "busy" anymore). You're more likely to get into trouble when you're in a "busy" status than when you're "away". I have heard the same accusation again and again, about being snobbish when I used to ignore messages being in a "busy" status. That didn't really work except to annoy many of my friends.In a way it is understandable as you are really telling them to bugger off.

"Away" is my favourite status, which people on my contact list should already know. Its a strange status in a way, because when somebody pings you and you start chatting they don't seem to get offended by your "away" status, at the same time when you just ignore them they'll think you're really away so no need to worry too much again. And you can always respond later to tell them you were really away.

But my favourite of all is the "auto reply" mode. You just set up an auto reply and whenever somebody pings you, they'll get a set reply telling them to call back because you're "away" or "in a meeting" or "on the phone" or whatever. As long as its not a general "busy" you'll have more than sufficient justification to ignore the messages!

I find invisible mode a bit spooky. Whenever somebody chats with you online and you can't see them being online, its a bit annoying in the first place. You also feel you are not in control (the "invisible" persons are) when it comes to picking who to ping. And when they ping you, you have to respond or ignore without seeing them on you list of "online contacts". I would like to be able to send an "auto response" to all those who ping from their "invisible" status like this: "Sorry, I don't chat with persons who are not visible. Please show yourself if you want to communicate." Probably better to stay in "away" status and ignore the "invisibles" altogether!

3 thoughts on “busy, away, invisible… are you really?

  1. D

    My question is: Isn't the orange signal A Gmail controlled thing, when we are online yet not @the Gmail page? In that case, wouldn't it mean you don't chat with anyone in the away signal.Isn't it supposed to turn green the moment you initiate a conversation..though I didn't notice it happening in yours. You were orange and conversing...weird.

    I think you should rather be invisible if you aren't interested in conversing than AWAY! This "busy, away" post ta padda risutyo! katro nakhara ho! you can be green and state: researching or working..I don't think ppl would think you're being rude, even if you replied after a while in that case..

  2. mahesh

    D, I don't know about the orange signal but I use an application called Adium for IM and I think its status is independent of Gmail page on the browser, thats probably the reason I was "orange and conversing...weird"

    "kasto nakhara ho!"
    haven't heard that word for a long. the problem with me is exactly that - i rarely start a conversation myself, so if i stay green and don't start a conversation ever, i'd still be accused of being snobbish. instead i stay "away" (not busy) and the conversation starter from my contacts is usually "r u there?", and my response is "yes" 90% of the time! 🙂

    But next time we chat, I'll make myself "green and state: free to chat"

  3. D

    I really hate your Adium Orange! Can't it be some other color, something other than ( red, green, orange)? Thankfully, not seeing your "Away" at the moment. Now, I hate away too! It looks like sheer misutilization of technology ( just cuz the medium is virtual) to me: Stating AWAY when you are right INFRONT OF your APPY!

    Tapain ta asadai swag parnu hundo rahecha! Swange manche! Sorry, can't help it ( though many a times I feel shouldn't be commenting my brains out!) You could rather be (any color Adium has) and state: Always Online, but sorry dudes, too snobby to chat! Try sb else. Don't forget to add smiley 😛 🙂 cause sometimes you could be in NEED to talk to people too! or Why ruin chances?

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