busy student, lazy photographer…

Every morning when I wake up, I peek out through the window to see what kind of day it is going to be (weather-wise). This morning I was surprised to see the snow, that too a good few hours old, which meant it had snowed at night while I slept. Anyway, normally I would just grab my cameras and go out to take pictures, but this morning I couldn't be bothered - firstly there wasn't much snow left and what was left was melting fast, and secondly I just have too much work to catch up on (I was planning to work all night last night and had gone on for a couple of hours, drinking strong cups of coffee, but even the coffee couldn't keep me awake!!) so didn't want to spend a couple of hours taking pictures outdoor. The compromise was to take a few snaps through my window. As you can see they are not up to scratch so decided to put up here rather than on photoblog 🙂

snow in york

snow in york
A bit close up

snow in york
Flowers of snow

2 thoughts on “busy student, lazy photographer…

  1. AA

    title should have been 'lazy photographer' only. 'busy student' was just an excuse..n u know that 🙂

  2. chas

    The top photo is pretty nice. The diamonds of the window frame contrast well with the branches and snow outside. The other photos lack that contrast though and so don't have as much visual impact.

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