forgotten in a decade…

My conversation with a friend from high school...

23 March 10:16:26 mp: Hi [...], k 6 haalkhabar?
23 March 10:31:06 [...]: hi who are you?

After my own short pause!!

23 Mar 10:33:57 mp: are you in an internet cafe?
23 Mar 10:34:22 [...]: no

I was worried he might have been at an internet cafe earlier and forgotten to log off from the IM, and somebody else was using the same computer. Just wanted to confirm if I was talking to somebody else! But he was not, and I was relieved but also perplexed. And that was the end of conversation!

I think I did the right thing by just letting him get on with his work...May be he was in a hospital signed on using his Smartphone!! Or may be he really did forget who I was 🙂

4 thoughts on “forgotten in a decade…

  1. AA

    haha..u didnot get it? timro feri choupsey bhayo..
    'choupsey' is something i use, and i thought u knew..its something like 'flop' bhayo..booooo type...haha..

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