some images from the past…

Hey AA, I couldn't find any other picture of you except this one - so here it goes. Should remind you of your beautiful hometown. For me it reminds of having to stay hungry. I know, I should have just ordered Daal-Bhat-Tarkari (Gundruk) for lunch rather than asking for the "fancy alien" pasta on cheese sauce!! 🙂

meeting arcs in her hometown

A couple more pictures of that area follows.

river Narayani
Narayani river marking Chitwan-Nawalparasi border.

village on the foothills
And a view of a village at the base of the hills in Nawalparasi.

All these pictures were taken in 2003.

And back to another BSAM picture excavation. I found this with the other picture that I posted here. I think we had just returned from a hiking/camping trip to Dhulikhel when this picture was taken. And it reminds me that we (our group - the whole class was divided into 4 groups I think) actually cheated on hiking most of the way by hitching rides on minibuses or on trucks - the leader of our group being the class prefect and obviously quite clever on those matters!!
bsam class of 1998

I think half of these boys are in the army (and probably rest half abroad!), although its hard to stay in touch with most of them. When I think of it, I'm probably in touch (not so regularly but just "in touch") with less than half a dozen! But its always great when I do get in touch with them.

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  1. AA

    I remember it quite well ordered pasta n it was horrible..haha
    but the view was very good. n remember we went to narayani ko pul after that for sunset.amazing it was. n the chocolates were yummmy..but i lost the pen 🙁

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