annoyances the start of the week.

Why do people not learn how to send mass email with BCC-ed address?
An additional question would be why do people unnecessarily press "reply all" when they could just press "reply" (to sender only)??

I have been getting "Happy New Year 2065" messages from people I have never heard of before. Nepalis from all over the world, from Kanchanpur to Kalimpong to Kabul to Kansas are wishing me a "great new year". Its a nice feeling when you receive greetings from people you know, and you can tolerate one or two extra emails even from the people you don't know. However, when you start getting 5-10 new-year-email every day from people you have never heard of before, and its already more than a week after the new year, it starts to get irritating. Further, I don't like my email address going around to so many people that I don't know. It is one of the main reason you start getting spams as well. So please, use BCC to dump addresses of all those people that you want to greet en masse to, so that people reply to your greetings to YOU. Also please avoid hitting "reply all" unnecessarily - some people don't like getting email from the unknowns!