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Time: Practically Sunday night, Technically Monday morning - 01:15 hrs (GMT)
Location: Tamale
State of Mind: Unknown
Playing in Background: Andrea Bocelli (Vivere - The Best of Andrea Bocelli)
Reason for Staying Awake: Got 2 hours of good sleep earlier before being woken up by some noise outside the house (party people returning from the club it seems!)
Reason for not being able to go back to sleep: Unknown
Current activity (other than typing): Observing two (very quick) spiders running around the entire length and breadth of the room - worried they might climb on to the bed...worry unfounded so far!
Inspiration for this entry: Mr Witt's comment on the previous post, which I just saw on my mailbox (checked on mobile phone, yea I know I'm a tech-savvy person! And I can already feel some people thinking "what a "mapain" this fella is!?!" 🙂 )
Time since last post: 1 month +
Anything special about this Sunday?: None except that today was the day for my anti-malarial, which I took in timely manner with food in the morning! Oh, no side effects for me as far as I can tell. This staying-up-late has nothing to do with medicine I'm sure (well, I hope!).
In Short: I'm alive and doing well!! 🙂

I was hoping after typing up the boring details above, I'll feel sleepy, but that hasn't happened yet. And now it seems I've lost track of those two spiders, the thought of which might keep me awake a bit longer still.

So while I struggle to get back to sleep, let me narrate (oh one of the spiders just climbed on to my bed - I just gave it the shock of its should stay away from my bed now, if its not dead already!) what has happened since the last entry more than a month ago.

Well, there were lots of tales to tell (if I had wanted to that is), but as most of those tales were work-related (or rather of work-related troubles), I thought they were best kept untold. Plus they would make rather boring entries, I'm sure. I haven't yet started my own surveys this year, so the interesting bits from my fieldwork are yet to come. So for now it’s a waiting-game, for me and to those few readers who still frequent this blog 🙂

In terms of "pleasure-reading", I finished a book on the Congo (Blood River: A Journey to Africa's Broken Heart by Tim Butcher) - in fact within a couple of days after finishing The Enchantress of Florence. Have been meaning to write a short entry on the book but that probably won't happen anytime soon (may be another night of sleeplessness might inspire me to complete that entry too (yea I had started the entry right after I completed the book!) ). Now I'm reading Felipe Fernández-Armesto's Civilisations (recommended by a friend in York), which isn't a small book - 600+ pages (including notes) - so might take me well into August or September as I'm only reading few pages a day (bedtime reading mostly!).

Life this year is a bit different than last year (well, its stating the obvious). The excitement of "new place" is not there this year (well, at least it was there during the first few months of my stay last year!), which means most daily-life activities are as mundane as they would be anywhere, although the ever-present uncertainty (or chaos) surrounding (almost) everything here makes it a bit less monotonous - than life in York for example.

Let me end this entry on a funny (well at least to me it is!) note. Last years struggle (and my patience) to open a bank account seems to have provided me with "double dividend" (well not exactly dividend but still!) as I came back this year to find bank statements for two different bank accounts - both in my name! Strangely one is at my local branch in Tamale, while the other one seems to be at a branch in a town called Tarkwa, which I didn't know existed before I saw the bank statement! Stranger still is the fact that the account in Tarkwa seems to have been opened within a couple of weeks of my application, while I was struggling to get the same in Tamale for almost three months! I haven't decided which account to close so I'm staying put for the moment.

If that wasn't "funny" note, this picture sure is:
what an original idea!?!

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  1. sid

    r u lost somewhere in the jungles of africa!!!!! no mails, no updates, no posts......updating after 1 month..

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