Up Dates…

I've been pretty lethargic in the blogging department lately. It might seem as if I have completely abandoned my blogs, which is not the case by the way (well, this is a part-proof!). I felt I must post something today because:

  1. I just upgraded my WordPress installation to the latest version - I would say good reason as any to post a new entry (to check if things still work as they used to 🙂 ).
  2. I haven't written anything (except e-mails) for over two weeks!
  3. Life's not without incidents here in Ghana to have nothing to say here (if I wanted to that is!)
  4. Oh, this should have come up first when I think of it now - that I had to extend my stay in Ghana by over a month because I realised (in time) that I couldn't have finished my fieldwork as planned previously! Now I'm going back to the UK in mid-October instead.

When I think what has happened ("changed" is probably the right word here) since my last post (3 weeks 6 days ago - meaning a month almost!), nothing much has "changed" (although lots of things have "happened"). Bust most of what has "happened" have been pretty mundane to recall here. Life has been normal-ish, trouble free (no sickness, no arrests, no deportations 🙂 ) - I have extended my stay permit for another three months, so no worries on that front either. And that has been partly matched by my extension of this year's field season by more than a month. So, all's well.

Haven't been doing much of photography, other than snapping randomly while out n about (you could check my Flickr - although that 200 picture limit for free account is bugging me and since I have no intention of buying a pro account, I am uploading less and less frequently there, OR now Facebook too - friends only I think - need to check my privacy settings to be sure though!). Hope is that I get to do some site-seeing towards the end of my stay here and spend some time doing photography...just a hope for now!

Coming soon on next instalment: (1) the battered and bruised taxis in Tamale; and (2) an unofficial guide on places to eat (local food) in Tamale 🙂

Soon in Ghanaian (and Nepali) speak could mean from any moment now to few months! 🙂