I think there is a bank or some finance company with that name, ing (or ING in caps), but given what is going on with the financial sector this year, I don't think I should venture into that area...better left that with the experts. What I had in mind when I typed those three letters on the title was more interesting (or may be mundane to many) "ing"s from the web world - such as google-ing, f'buk-ing (or facebook-ing to save myself from someone's wrath!), flickr-ing, twitter-ing, and so on and so forth. Unconsciously it seems I've just listed these "ing"s on the order that I most use.

Google-ing has become ubiquitous with web use, and my online presence starts with opening gmail and ends with closing it! In between google is the preferred search engine, google news summarises the news, google ((btw, isn't "google" supposed to have been added to dictionary officially? my spell-checker tells me I have made spelling error on it! And gives me suggested words like "googol", "goggle", "go-ogle" (my fav) and "go ogle"!!)) map provides the directions (and terrain and satellite images), google scholar searches for academic works, google calendar keeps me on schedule (sms notification is great!), and google documents mean i can open the ms office attachments without having to download them locally, and even edit them and send them back all from within the web browser! And it doesn't end there either, I have google mail setup on mobile which means all I need is mobile network coverage, and I'm google-ing! Well, enough of google-ing now...

As seen somewhere in northern Ghana 🙂

It probably wouldn't be an exaggeration if I said facebook-ing has become almost an addiction, at least as far as "status updates" go. I don't count how many times I "update" my "status" but too many times to count probably, of course as long as I have access to internet, either on my comp or on my mobile. Although these days I prefer to use just my mobile for status updates on facebook, for the new interface is frankly irritating. And with slow connection, it seems there is always something remaining to "load", which means by browser's activity indicator is always flashing when I'm on the facebook...Its just annoying!

It seems I've pretty much stopped flickr-ing since the past couple of months. My flickr-ing interest declined after I reached that 200 free photo limit I think. I can still upload more but the older ones will be hidden until I pay for a "pro" account. So, I have setup my iPhoto to upload pictures on facebook instead for now, and I still have a photoblog (although updated less frequently - due to slow connection as well as less time spent on pursuing photography while I'm on the field). Oh talking of blogs, there is blog(g)ing of course. Again, its becoming less frequent but I keep thinking I shall make it a regular activity so have not given up on that yet. Sometimes think of going back to blogging anonymous just so that I can be less restrictive on what I write and who I write about but then think again if I want to write why should I hide behind the veil of anonymity. Either way, as long as this gets updated once in a while I should be happy...for now!

Twitter-ing I tried a bit but somehow didn't strike a chord with me. Still "twitter" once in a while from mobile but it has become something of a passing interest. Well, I think that’s all for the web "ing"s for now.

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  1. James

    Interesting piece on techno(th)-ings. I think they r called gerunds tho not sure. My fav sentence composed entirely of -ings is 'enjoying doing nothing'! Oh the gundruk has cleared customs at dubai...only manchester awaits!

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