Really SimpleScripts…

Upgrading WordPress used to be such a pain (although WP website would claim otherwise with their "5-minute install/upgrade" instructions) - even if it involved fairly simple tasks like downloading, uploading, deleting or overwriting files and folders using ftp! Now thanks to SimpleScripts, even that is not necessary. All I need to do is deactivate all the plugins (one click) and use SimpleScripts to upgrade my WP install (another click, and a tick to agree to its disclaimer!) - all automated and from the server. No need to download, upload, zip, unzip, delete, overwrite, or anything like that...what a relief! Cheers SimpleScripts!

2 thoughts on “Really SimpleScripts…

  1. Mr. Witt

    Graffiti Post!

    Hey Poudyal-ji. Thinking of you tonight because dinner consists of:

    Mahesh's Ginger and Garlic Beans
    Mahesh's Sweet Rice

    (I'm being a good husband and cooking a "special" - and it helps that it is also easy - meal for my wife. Many thanks to you!)

    Anyways, not much to say except for brief things (tired and dinner may be burning):

    - had a dump of a foot of snow yesterday. wet and thick and my back is unhappy about it.
    - Ben is in Kindergarten for the moment. We are having behavioural issues (4 meetings with the teacher and counting...). Hopefully he won't be held back a year (he's a late november birth, remember, so is fully a half year younger than his average classmate. More, actually, since his class has a lot of January to March birth kids in it. I've lost track of my parentheses. Do i need one?)
    - Enjoying my temp assignment as a Land Officer. It feels almost professional. Sure, i don't do any stewardship (mostly we promote business and try to watch social and environmental issues on the side... maybe that's a bit cynical.), but the work is fun and seemingly important.

    ok, milk is overboiling. gotta fly.

    Take care!

    darren and family

  2. Mr. Witt

    Damn. Burnt the milk - will have to scrub the pot AND stove.

    Ah, well. I have (sadly) learned that the rice will still turn out fine despite the film of carbon on the bottom of the pot.

    Mr. W.

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