Re: Ginger and Garlic Beans, and Kheer (sweet rice)

Hello Darren & Family,

Thanks a lot for the updates. Since the other post's title is rather advertisement-like, I decided to post a new entry as my reply.

I'm flattered you are still enjoying my simple recipes. That sweet rice is called kheer in Nepali by the way (sorry about the burnt milk, I feel like I'm partly to blame, for you were remembering/writing to me when it happened - but you know some people like that flavour too, that of the burnt milk, are you one of those people? ) 🙂

Land Officer does sound Grand (almost like one of those Big Colonial Officers - not meant in a bad way 🙂 ) - and as long as the work is fun who cares about the titles, right?

My own updates - as you can see I haven't been updating this blog or the photoblog regularly. Facebook seems to be the place to be right now, so you can probably follow what I'm up to at any given time there - it so easy to just write a one-line "status update" there than a thought through blog post here (although its been quite a while I haven't posted a "thought through" entry here either, so to be honest, I've just neglected this blog!)

I am back in the cold, grey, damp, depressing (to put mildly) England after a few wonderful months in West Africa - now trying to make good of the data I have collected over the two field seasons I had, and hopefully get my papers (and eventually the thesis) out within the next 8-9 months. I'll soon have to start looking for a job too, and being an open-minded fella, returning to Canada could also be an option, although after almost a year in the African sun, it seems my body prefers the Tropics! Just have to wait and see where I end up...

Oh, I do follow your (well, Tisha's I guess - are you even aware of its existence? 🙂 ) blog through the feeds, but I haven't seen it updated for quite a while. But its great to see pictures of the kids - especially Ben, as last I saw him, he hadn't even learnt to walk I think. I have to plan a trip to Canada sometime soon I think - been thinking about it for over a year but because of my long African trips for the past couple of years, I haven't been able to manage any other trips. Will definitely plan something after I free myself from the phd!

I think I should stop my public email/post here and get back to data entry now.

Its always a pleasure to hear from you Darren, and do keep in touch. Any chance you'll be a permanent Land Officer or you are already looking for other more permanent jobs?

All the best,