...is the new address for random jottings..., with a new (and probably more apt) tagline "procrastination with purpose" 😛 . I always thought it was pretty lame to have a personal blog on .org domain, and mahesh.poudyal.org did sound very lame to begin with, but somehow I stuck with it for a good few years, probably because it became more familiar and I became more comfortable with it over time. Anyway, I had this new domain for almost a year now - I got it as soon as I saw procrastination.com - on one of those days when I was avoiding doing any work by doing everything else but THE WORK! I have been like that these past few days - working for an hour and avoiding the same for a couple of hours so its like walking two steps forward and a step back. Nevertheless, two hours of avoidance for one hour of work has produced something - the migration of rj... to this new address, and more importantly a whole facelift for poudyal blog, also on a new address - pixels.iprocrastinate.co.uk. I decided to have my photoblog on Pixelpost this time as opposed to my usual favourite WordPress, mainly because it is purpose built for photoblogs, and more importantly it lets me post a picture directly from Adobe Lightroom without having to log on through the browser and so on.

For now I'll leave all the old contents on rj... here and pb over at its old address. I have already moved every single post with all the comments intact from old rj... site to its new address, however, it’s a bit complicated moving posts from old photoblog to the new one, mainly because of the different platform it uses. Also I feel I should start afresh with my photography, as I'm been a bit of a slacker lately when it comes to photography, and this blank canvas of a blog might inspire me to take and post new and better pictures, fingers crossed. So there it is - the announcement of changing addresses, online.

So visit http://iprocrastinate.co.uk/ for random jottings..., and http://pixels.iprocrastinate.co.uk/ for poudyal blog. Please also update the address for the RSS feeds (if you subscribe to either) to these new addresses. Thanks.

Now on a different note, I hadn't even heard of this Benjamin Button movie until the nominations for the Oscars were announced earlier today! So I decided to watch it to find out why it deserved 13 nominations. I wasn't disappointed. Although a bit weird to begin with, the movie is totally gripping - after a bit, everything starts to feel normal, no weirdness of people "growing" young (did I just give out the spoiler!?!) and all that. It’s a beautifully made film and very original too. Deserves every accolade imo. Watch it!

3 thoughts on “iprocrastinate.co.uk

  1. D

    The domain is just perfect! 😛

    Now jumping to the last para of your post..I was happy to see something on "The Curious case of Benjamin Button" here. Well, I watched this movie right after I'd watched "Slumdog Millionaire" and what can I say, the oscars are surely going to be something to look forward to this this! Now SM has 10 nominations and Benjamin Button 13...I've a feeling BB is going to share the oscars with SM this time. SM for its excellent editing most likely ... And though all girls are all supposed to go 'Ga-Ga' over Brad Pitt , I never even liked him in the first place so watching Benjamin Button with that background, I was 'shocked' to know that Brad Pitt was more than his looks! haha Kate Blanchett was awesome too...Isn't it something like Art of movemaking at its best! I specially admired Benajamin's ( Brad's) accent in the movie..

    Sorry, I didn't have much to say on your 'Blog domain' changes 😛

  2. Thanks D and Niranjan.

    And yea Brad Pitt was good as Benjamin Button, but definitely not good enough for Oscar imo. SM reminded me of The City of God (especially the editing), which tells they did a pretty good job in it. But if you haven't seen The City of God, then watch it, much much better than the SM.

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