light snow shower = ?

What do you call the drizzle equivalent of snow? The weather-person tells us to expect ‘light snow showers’ and thats what we are getting in York now, but I want to find a one-word name for this event, as its called ‘drizzle’ for rain! I think I’m now obsessed with saying more using less words - have been going nuts trying to reduce a 10,000-words paper into a 7000-words one and still say the same thing – i.e., without losing any meaning or the content from the original paper, and I can tell you its worse than writing the original paper from scratch! It really is. Anyway, I am now down to 7400 so 400 more to cut off. Okay, here is the ‘light snow shower’ picture taken this morning. I’m back to work now!

snow in York, 12 Feb 2009