york dusk
york dusk

This was the scene from my front door (seen through the small glass panel on the top of the closed door!) yesterday. And this post is a test post really to check a plugin - LR2/Blog - that allows me to export photo from Lightroom straight onto my wordpress blog!

Looks like it works too, but it was a bit slow uploading the picture and loading this edit page, and oh you cannot choose the category directly from the Lightroom either. So I guess this plugin is best suited at the moment for just uploading the picture and you can use it later to add on to your post [this is added here from the 'Edit Post' page within the WordPress admin].

2 thoughts on “yesterday

  1. Mr. Witt

    Still reading the site (though less and less frequently, i admit, consistent with the postings - no guilt, honest. i assume you have moved onto better/cooler technology that i am too dinosaurian to adopt).

    Wow. REAL pleased with that as an opening sentence - kinda a conversation killer.

    The point: hope you are well. What's up? How's school? Is life on the British Isles really as... Orwellian as BoingBoing implies? Graduating soon? Interesting milestones i wouldn't think of? (Married? Kids? Joined a Nunnery?)

    We are well(ish) though the family has been sick since mid-December. Seriously. I think we have had maybe a month of days when we were all healthy and microbe free. I just got a temporary 80% contract (by choice), so i get to be a dad to my kids one day a week. Money will be tight, but worth it.

    And Spring is finally here in the north - it was above 20C today! Gardening time!

    Take care,

    Darren and the Witts

    1. Hello Darren and the Witts,

      All well(ish) here too - nothing interesting to report really. Been too lazy to update the sites, went back home for a few weeks of "holidays", and now back trying to finish the phd (feels such a bad idea sometimes!) - no time to get married, have kids - although joining a nunnery crosses mind sometimes (haha, just kidding 😀 )

      Sorry to hear about the sickness in the family, but I'm sure spring will bring freshness and drive those microbes away. And flexible contract by choice sounds like a great thing to have. I'm wondering too if I should migrate to parent/children-friendly place like that when I want to have some of my own 😛 - no plan to have kids anytime soon though!

      Well, enjoy the spring. My plan for a canadian holidays hasn't materialised yet - seems it'll have to wait until I finish my phd thing, then I can travel around in a sane(r) frame of mind.

      Hopefully, new posts will be up soon, and some pictures from Nepal to show that I actually was there!

      Take care,

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