Another dashain gone…


After spending years since leaving Nepal more than 11 years ago not really celebrating dashain, the Nepali festival that celebrates the victory of good over evil, now I've started looking forward to it every year. It gives me a very good excuse to visit my sister, and my two little neices. Despite being only a few hours away, the nature and pace of life in these parts of the world means I hardly get the time to see them much. Even the daily phonecalls can't really make up for being with them in person. This year's added bonus was that the main day of dashain fell on Sunday, so I had a great family weekend without having to worry about work, emails to respond to or deadlines to meet or to avoid missing.

Now on the Monday morning I'm hurrying back to home, and to work, experiencing my first ever "commute", which I'm not liking at all. Living at a walking distance to work is certainly the best thing, sometimes I even go home for lunch from work 🙂

Finding it hard now to write much from a phone on a moving train so I'll stop here. The image above is the 'nelson's ship in a bottle' on the Trafalgar square's fourth plinth.