WiFi on board

On board wifi on the norwegian air flight from Stockholm Arlanda to Barcelona did sound quite a luxury to have while flying. But after trying to connect to twitter, skype, google+, instagram, and even facebook for the last hour or so, I have found it more of an annoyance. As a last resort I decided to post a quick piece here if this one gets uploaded that is. So far the signs are not so good to say the least. In any case, I'll now return to reading lonely planet guide to Barcelona 🙂

2 thoughts on “WiFi on board

  1. mr. witt

    hey Poudyal-ji! just going through my feeds (good lord, do i have a ton of feeds! i may have to deliberately set time aside to read analoge... analogistically? analogishly? books. ) and looking at rarely-updated feeds. wishing you posted regularly so i could keep tabs on you (maybe i should be on facebook, but man, do i hate that idea. bit of a luddite sometimes.). also recognize that i am being completely hypocritical (at least you post infrequently to a blog. i never post to my non-existant blog!)

    hope all is well on your end. how's the missus? job? avocations? i just got (temporarily) transferred (for the second time) into Land tenuring. so i almost put my rem degree to use. i get to contractually rent out BC crown land to business/people. not as thrilling as it sounds, but its fun and interesting.

    take care!


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