2 thoughts on “change

  1. mr. witt

    ooh! is that Tyee Lake? in Telkwa?

    (google Telkwa BC and note proximity to Smithers, BC)

    Also, sorry for not responding to your response to my resposne. I've been negligent on the internet side lately... though i have finished Book 1 of the Lord of the Rings... and now am not sure if i want to finish 2 and 3. Maybe i will watch the movies again instead.

    all the best!

    mr witt

  2. @mr. witt
    Unfortunately not! Heading back to the UK it seems - the picture is of Bangor, Wales. And with the change in job, planned trip to Canada is also on jeopardy. Almost certain I will not be able to travel in September/October as planned. I'll have to plan for a holiday trip instead it seems 🙂

    Never read Lord of the Rings, have watched movies and for me that's more than enough I think!

    Hope the summer is nice over there!


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