A test post

I'm using a new Markdown editor I just found out about - MWeb to write and upload this post. I'm using the 'Lite' version as a trial for now to see how useful it will be. Primary use for this editor will be as a note-taking app and as a note organiser on my Mac. I wanted something lightweight and fast as other apps I have been using like Evernote and OneNote are beginning to get a bit laggy.

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  1. mr. witt

    i'm writing this test response on my ageing, 4yo toshiba laptop. it is adequate for the job, but the increasing lagginess of the processor and the duck tap (AND duct tape) holding my monitor in place indicate that a switch to a more lightweight version. i'm thinking possibly a tablet of some kind.


    1. only last week i was wondering if i would see your comment anytime soon on this blog, so good to know you still follow these posts. for general browsing, email etc, tablet should be more than sufficient. i've been using a 8 inch dell (windows) for a while and quite like it, especially with the new windows 10.
      cheers, m.

  2. mr. witt

    Hi Poudyal-ji!

    nice to hear from you, even through odd routes like this! (i will remain rssed to this site as long as i do rss... so 'forever', or so long as the technology is going. i still remember fondly our REM time together... sigh. Sadness due to the passage of time and distance...)

    not sure about windows 10 - been hearing some not-so-great things about it (though honestly haven't been paying too much attention, just some sites i sub to don't love its security/'watching you' settings, and these things bother me). i have friends suggesting an apple product, but i am somewhat reluctant to give up my laptop - the large screen, and particularly the keyboard. i do a reasonable amount of typing, simple excelling, and emailing. not sure if i would need an external keyboard (or whatever they are called).

    but thinking about it as my laptop is (really) held together by duct and duck tape! but i like 'maximizing the utility' of my things.

    other than test-posts, how is things going with family [near] and family [far]? is everyone doing well?

    mine is all well, though both ben and laurel are getting older (11.75 and 8.5 resp.), and BOTH (!) are showing pre-puberty mood swings and some teenage detachment. normal, but somewhat sad... ben is reaching the right age; laurel is just a precocious drama-queen, to be honest. but both happy, loving, 'wonderful' and maddening!


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