Okay, by compulsion I'll have to be short (and hopefully sweet) now. Internet connection is not very great in Ghana, but I have been lucky that I found this internet cafe run by SimliAid (read my earlier post here about how I first heard about this cafe!), and luckier that they are allowing me to bring my own laptop and use their network to connect to the internet (its fairly cheap - 6000 cedis/hr - about 65 cents US). I have basically spent all morning today trying to go through all my email from the last week and get most important works done. I have about 10 minutes to complete this post before I head home for lunch!

Few "first impressions" of Ghana.

1. From the moment I entered the international airport, it felt as if I had arrived in Nepal (although I must say the international airport in Accra is far more well managed than we have in KTM!)
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