Another random blog post before I head off for my fieldwork for two months or so, where I will probably be beyond the reach of internet, telephone or even electricity for the most part of the trip.

Lately, I've become a big fan of writing in Markdown, and more I use it, more I like it, especially when I can export what I writing in the format that others want without me having to spend a lot of my time trying to format the text. Although I have a pretty good setups to write in Markdown at home in my Mac and on my iPad, I haven't yet found an app that I'm completely happy with for my Windows 7 PC in office. As I am looking for and trying new Markdown apps for Windows 7, I have found one that is Open Source and looks pretty feature rich, and it lets me publish on my blogs directly - its called MarkPad. If you are into Markdown writing, its worth a spin.

Now, for my fieldwork, I'm heading to Madagascar and will spend most of my time there in the eastern rainforest. Its the rainy season there so expecting lots of torrential rain, probably some typhoons, and plenty of mosquito and leeches. I'm prepared though, and very much looking forward to it 🙂


Okay, here is the story. I ordered a bundle that was on sale at Dell's UK Web site on Sunday 6 Sept. I placed an order and checked out using my debit card, received order confirmation email with the order number. I was looking forward to receiving my order within a few days. Then after two days, I receive an email (below) telling me that my order was cancelled because they made a pricing error. Well, I didn't know it was a pricing error, in fact, it wasn't that cheap to be considered a pricing error (it was listed as 50% off from the RRP!). I thought you were supposed to respect the price that is displayed and at which you allow your customers to place an order. They send the email as if I made a mistake by placing an order when they had their apparent pricing error. I'm really annoyed with Dell now. And after enquiring, they tell me its their policy and I should have read the terms. What the heck!?! I'll think many times now before buying anything from Dell, that’s for sure. And looking at the forums (including Dell's own forums) it seems it's not just me what has been treated like this by Dell.