मोदी अनि हिन्दी

Not surprisingly my twitter feed is flooded with Indian PM Modi's visit to Nepal - more so than the tragic #Bhotekoshi floods that everybody seems to have forgotten ever since Modi's plane took off from India heading for Kathmandu! So much so that Nepal is even trending on twitter, I suspect mostly due to the Indian media's coverage of their PM's visit to a neighbouring country with supposedly centuries-old friendship but also with difficult relations.

While I could go on and on with who said tweeted what and possibly storify the whole thing, what really caught my eyes is some of the idiotic tweets coming out of so called bujruks (whom I would call उपबुज्रुक) from Nepal (mostly Kathmandu) about the use of Hindi, again! I sincerely fail to understand What is wrong with Nepalis giving interviews to Indian media in Hindi? Knowledge of any other language in addition of your own should be a matter of pride not shame.

These individuals who apparently spoke Hindi better than Sonia Gandhi did rather well I would say. These same people are tweeting that Modi should speak to Nepal's parliament in English and not Hindi! Why English? As if most of our parliamentarians understand that language! I bet a majority will understand Hindi perfectly well than they do English, and for the rest I'm sure there'll be a professional live translation of his speech.

As a Nepali, I am always proud to list Hindi as a language that I can read, write and speak a bit, just as I am to list English, in addition to my mother tongue Nepali. I wonder if these bujruks will ever take off their idiotic nationalist cloak and understand that it is good to know and be able to show that you know more languages than your own. Languages should be something that bridge the divides between people, not create barriers!